1926 Chrysler – Rat Rod – Mike Willis

A gear head all of his life, Mike Willis took on this project from body pieces and is in the process of creating an amazing 1926 Chrysler Rat Rod! How cool is that?

Make sure to scroll down and read what Mike has done and keep coming back as he updates us on his progress. At the bottom are the current set of pictures, make sure to check them out!

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What type of vehicle is this?: Car

Make, Model, Year of Project:

This is a 1926 Chrysler Rat Rod (Project in progress)

What stage is this in?

Somewhere between complete and not sure if it will ever get finished

When did you purchase it and for how much?

I started with a $600.00 purchase in 2018

Why did you choose this vehicle?

The body had a cool look and it had a clean title.

What sort of condition was it in when you started the project, what was wrong with it, etc.

The body was only in pieces

It had no frame, which meant it was missing everything else.

What, specifically have you done, or had done to it?

I fabricated a new frame from scratch, started with an idea and mocked it up with a frame from 2×4 lumber then transferred it to steel.

Can you list any and all parts that you have put in?

Frame is 2x6x3/16 steel

454 engine out of a 1984 motor home with a turbo 400 transmission out of a 1978 Chevy 3/4 ton pickup

Rear end from a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Suicide front end from my brothers 34 ford that we put a different one on

Chain steering wheel

1970 Chevy truck gas tank.

Where have you purchased your parts?

Local salvage yard

Summit Racing



What about you?

I’ve been a gear head my whole life

I currently own a 1929 Model A Tudor Sedan and a 1962 Cadillac Coupe Deville.

Check out the pictures below, make sure to click on the picture to see the full version.

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