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The Seven points of Valor – written by the Christian Service Brigade – A Christian alternative to the Boy Scouts – focusing on men leading boys to become men.

I am aware that there are those who may read this who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, so, I want you to know that you can.
I implore you to start by reading my article, Restoration and make a decision. If you don’t think you need to hurry, or you have plenty of time, please consider this article, I’m going to fix it, someday.

Articles relating to being a man of God, a Biblical man by Customs N Classics. Click the links to go to the article

What is a Biblical man?

What is a Knight’s code and what does it mean?

Originally written by Raising a Modern Day Knight, re-written so that I can go through the scriptures with you.

Articles by other authors

Nine attributes of a Real Man – By Vince Miller, a contributor to Desiring God by John Piper.

God’s “Real Man” list – By JT Waresak, a writer for Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk.

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