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Welcome to Customs & Classics, a site is dedicated to the stories behind the creations, the ideas, the plans, the problems and the final end result, (If there is one) antique, classic and custom vehicles we all see in car shows and in the driveways across America.

My intention is to bring you, the automotive enthusiast, the fabrication fanatic, the Horsepower Hipster, the Torque Terror, together with those who have built, rebuilt or bought a mechanical wonder and want to share their story.

All feature articles are from the owners themselves. We talk about the project, add images and try to show the project from beginning to end.

We will also be showcasing different parts and/or garages around the US, so you can, if you choose, build your own automotive wonder. (Wonder how they did that!) Just click the button below.

Customs N Classics store – Amazon Store showcasing some tools, some models, some “vintage” metal signs and some automotive books

There is also a page set up for small donations, to help us cover the expenses of running a website and going to events. Check it out by clicking the button below

If you have a car, you are either building, or is built, please consider letting me tell your story. All stories are interesting, let the world know what you got! Just click the button bellow to submit your project

(I am also the owner of this blog, Christian Fiction Writers, which tells short stories in the Fantasy/Adventure Genre)

(If you would rather, we have done a video on Why we do this.)

Success! You're on the list.

Since this is a Christian owned and operated blog, there will also be references and stories from other Christians, how they balance there lives, how they find Spiritual Renewal, how they became a Christian and what that means to them.

We want to bridge the gap between those who go to a show and see nice cars and those who have the nice cars, but, ultimately, we want to bridge the gap between those who are lost and Christ Himself.

We do this by building relationships in the car community. By genuinely being interested in the car owner and their car, as well as being interested in the person who is looking at the cars. We try to bring the story to life, so that the car owner can show off their hard work and the spectator can get an idea of what went into getting the car where it is right now.

That said, we also share the Gospel regularly with those in the automotive community, wherever and whenever possible. We do this through daily conversation, targeted engagement at shows and videos or articles on our blog or YouTube channel. As important as it is to share what someone has done to their car, we feel it is even more important to share what Jesus Christ has done for each of us.

About me:

My name is Dennis.

First, let me just say, I am a Christian, a husband, a father to 1 beautiful step-daughter and 3 strapping young boys and a step-grandfather (She calls me “Grumpy”) to a gorgeous step-granddaughter. These will always be my priorities, no matter what my interests are. That said, I strive to keep and maintain a family friendly atmosphere, so my boys and their friends can enjoy the site as much as I do. (Granddaughter isn’t old enough and daughter has other interests.)

I am an avid automotive model builder (Not model finisher, just a builder) and a lover of the real thing. I love cars and trucks, of all types. My wife even has to drive on long trips, because I have a tendency to see all of the automotive wonders that are everywhere, except in front of me. (I also like nice scenery, awesome buildings, decrepit old farms, forests, woods, interesting squirrels……….Hmm, I think I know why she always wants to drive.)

My personal favorite is older utility type trucks, the 1965 Chevy Step-side (Shortbed) being my ultimate. For some reason, they just do it for me, but, my love goes deep and I am a diverse person. I think trucks are fun, pleasant to look at and completely underdone, but, I have other interests, as well.

I think true Rat Rods are just plain amazing! I mean, come on, parts from, well, whatever you can find, a grinder, a welder and some fabrication skills to go along with some mad mechanical engineering skills. Who doesn’t love the concept? Rednecks, (Like me) have been doing this for years, on their farms, in tractor pulls and even on the highway. Time to celebrate those mad engineering skills, I say!

Then there are the classic cars of the 60’s and 70’s. Muscle cars, in the truest form. Cars that came off the assembly line with a ton of horses and an attitude. Sleek lines, tough looks and great paint, plus, generally easy to work on.

Who could write something about classic cars and hot rods and forget the “box car classics”? You know, 1955, 1956 and 1957 Chevy Bel Aire! Wow, what looks, what lines, hot and fast. Just to have one in the process of being restored is an accomplishment. Easily some of the most popular vehicles around and sought after. (I need to wipe the drool off my face now, excuse me.)

Any way, I digress. I love them all, from restored antiques to custom hot rods and more. I wanted to begin to just get stories of these wonders, how they were purchased, how they were finished and what went into them. I have found that these stories are as diverse as the cars and their owners.

I hope you enjoy my obsession as much as I do.

Another area that has blossomed has been our Social Media influence.

Check out our Facebook Pages and other links;

Customs N Classics

Customs N Classics #2




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