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If you would like your vehicle and it’s story published on my blog, please send me a little note. Please include your contact info, what type of vehicle, if it is finished, etc. I will get to as many, if not all as quickly as I can.

Also, if you are interested in Sponsoring a page, or a feature article, put “Sponsoring Opportunities” in the comment section and let me know what it is you would like to sponsor.


Below are some of the basic questions I will need answered to begin to write your story. You can copy and paste them into the comments section, or, just answer the type and if it is completed or still in project mode. I will then get back to you, to gather photos and any more questions I may have.

  1. What type of vehicle?
  2. Who is the first owner of the project and is it still their project?
  3. When was it purchased?
  4. How much was it purchased for? (This is optional, mostly so people can get an idea of what a project may cost)
  5. Was this a father/son, Daughter project?
  6. Why this vehicle?
  7. Give me some backstory, are you a mechanic, do you like to fabricate, are you really good at body work, etc. Some info about you.
  8. Info about the vehicle prior to starting it. (i.e., condition, missing parts, just needed paint, no engine, etc.)
  9. What have you done to it so far? (Be as descriptive as you can, I may make it several blog posts if it is long, but, that is OK.)
  10. Where is it now, in the rebuild stage?
  11. Any special parts you have used?
  12. Any help you have gotten? (i.e., friend(s), a garage, body shop, parts supplier, box store or online, yahoo videos that were helpful, etc.)

Customs N Classics store – Amazon Store showcasing some tools, some models, some “vintage” metal signs and some automotive books

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We have 2 pages on Facebook: Customs and Classics & Customs and Classics #2

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