Customs N Classics store – Amazon Store showcasing some tools, some models, some “vintage” metal signs and some automotive books

The costs to do this are spread throughout the year, but, they are more than we ever bring in through affiliate links, so, we have put this page together to allow you to help us gather some funds to pay for web hosting, gas to the events, cost of the events, new equipment to cover events, etc.

Donate to Customs N Classics


Donate to Customs N Classics


We are on Twitter: @customsnclassic

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We have 2 pages on Facebook: Customs and Classics & Customs and Classics #2

Customs N Classics does not charge for any of the services at this time, we do what we do because we love to tell the stories of the cars and trucks we love. However, the website, the gas, the time, is costly. We would like to be able to cover events better with something other that a camera, edit videos better, keep the website up longer, but it requires money. We are asking for those of you who may feel like this is a good page to contribute a very small amount to help cover costs.

Donate to Customs N Classics


Donation to Customs N Classics


Donate to Customs N Classics