Tim O’Connell – 1961 Chevy Apache

We see memories.

We see bench seats
and dates riding close.

We see rides in the
back and feeling free.

We see country roads
with the windows down.

We see learning to
drive a stick, learning how to change oil and plugs.

We see a friend.

Yeah, they may see a truck, and they’d be right.

But we see our trucks. And they are beautiful.

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Al Liebmann – 1932 Ford 5w Coupe

In 1971 Ferree and his son installed a Chevy 327/350 with a 2B carburetor and manifold from a newly wrecked car, repainted the car while keeping the original black paint on the fenders. He then drove the car to Bonneville, Utah and also made 2 stops in California.

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Hot Rod Fuel Hose – The Company

Once I had a product I believed in, at a price I felt is better suited to people like me, we ordered some. A LOT of hose and A LOT of fittings – probably too much but we believed so strongly that there is an opportunity for a High Quality PTFE braided hose in the market with awesome looking AN fittings that we committed to taking the idea forward.