1959 Ford F100 – Cameron Hoover

What if?

Now just follow me here.

What if you grew up around a 1959 Ford F100 truck, that you knew had been in your family for generations and one day, you’re told that it’s yours, if you can get it running? One thing, though, there is no engine or transmission or interior.

Some, wouldn’t even know where to start, or would be so overwhelmed, they would never start, but not Cameran Hoover. He knew just what to do and how to do it. Keep reading below to find out what he did to become the fourth generation owner of this beautiful truck.

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1970 Ford F100 – Trevor Dawson

So, you are in high school, 16 and own a truck, when you drive by another truck and realize that you just have to have that truck.

Well, what do you do?

Keep reading the article to find out what Trevor did. (Like it is a surprise, right?)

When you are done reading the article and checking out all the pictures at the bottom, make sure to leave a comment to let him know what you think.

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1966 Ford F100 – Joe Bond

James bond intro and music start playing in the background

Standing under the truck on the lift, he casually looks at the lady walking into the garage.

“Hello, I’m looking for the owner of that 1966 Ford F100 on the lift your under” She says with a seductive smile.

He looks at her, a smirk on his face, “The names Bond, Joe Bond” He says, raising his wrench back to the bolt he was working on.” Maybe someday, I’ll give you a ride in her.”

Some of our favorite trucks have a story that transcends just buying it, throwing on some paint and going down the road.

Joe found and completely redid aspects of this 1966 Ford F100, using old and newer technology and parts.

Make sure to read the details and see what he did, then go to the end and check out all of the pictures. (There are a lot)

I have included some video links of his drag racing for you to see and hear, as well.

When you are done, let Joe Bond know what you liked and what you think about his 1966 Ford F-100 in the comments.

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1966 Ford F100 – Matt Stone

We’ll start out Matt’s project story at the beginning, which was only a few months ago When he purchased this sweet ’66 Ford F100.

Follow along as we see what he got and what he plans! Make sure to check out the pictures below!

Don’t forget, stories on Current Projects get updated as often as they have something new, until it is a completed project, so keep coming back to see what else he has done!

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