That time of the year

Ok, so, fall is coming to the majority pf the United States, with cooler weather, colored leaves, pumpkin spice, (I mean, who can get away from it?) and the end of the year for car shows. (I know, there are some places that are still warm and have shows all year long, but, really, you guys are the minority.)

Car shows usually signal Spring and good weather for most car folk. Things like the first show of the year, the endless swap meets and the weekly meets that happen in towns across the USA, usually follow with a large following by any who tinker with their car.

However, here we are, getting ready to winterize our rides and plan next years schedule.

Does your club go, in groups, to as many shows as you can possibly stack in a season, or, does it host 1 show, with several meetings and you are on your own for showing off your ride?

I am hoping that for next year, I can get a schedule of events from around the country. What shows are happening when and where. So, if you have the ability to get that information in your area, shoot me a comment or a message, via twitter, @Customsnclassic, or go to my Facebook page and like it, then message me, Customs N Classics, or just email me at

I would love to get a list of shows for next year and even a list of shows for the rest of this year.

Also, still looking for anyone who would like to let me do a story on their car/truck or bike.


The story

There is a story in everything, I do mean everything. Take your life, for example, it is just one story after another, creating a story. The coolest part of all that is that your story is just one story in the midst of a lot of stories that make up your family, then your neighborhood and so on. You see where this leads, I hope.

So too, does a car or truck have a story. Probably several.

If your the original owner, you could probably write about the day you brought her home, the day you rushed someone to the hospital, the day you got your first speeding ticket or, sadly, the day you parked her because she didn’t run anymore, but then, you have a story about the day you chose to bring her back to life.

This site is about those stories, those tales that make up the story. I will be adding some fresh content soon, but be patient, no good story is rushed and no good story teller rushes to speak. (I swear, someone had to have said that before I did.)

Watch for new stories emerging soon and then keep coming back for more. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell the garage owner down the street, tell the world! we have an opportunity to bring stories to life, real stories, stories of people like you and me, who chose to rebuild. Let’s enjoy them together, shall we?