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1948 Plymouth Coupe – Race Car – Bret Polley

I got sober in 2002 and racing has been my passion ever since. Old skool racing is where it’s at. I told my wife of 20 years at the time that I wanted to build a Gasser. She was on board immediately, and that is when the fun began.

1942 Ford Truck and 1930’s Model A Teardrop Camper – Kenny Scott

I have been working on my own vehicles since I was a kid. I have always had an imagination, allowing me to think outside the box and make things my own, via customization, with little to no money. This truck has helped me learn many new skill sets with fabrication and welding.

1972 GMC K2500 Pickup – Donnie Midkiff

I couldn’t work in the computer generation and always had an interest in older trucks. My Pop shared the same interest. He is the one who told me that this was the truck for us to work on. He will be 80 this year and still loves to help me work on the “Ol’ Girl”

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