Pigeon Forge Rod Run – June 2020, It was cancelled, but some didn’t care.

My family and I decided to vacation in Tennessee. Close to Gatlinburg, Crosby, and Pigeon Forge. We wanted to see the mountains, the views from the top, the black bears and the amazing art. ( I always want to see classic cars, but the mountains are my love!) On top of all of this, we got to see the Pigeon Forge Rod Run, what a vacation!

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To be fair, I never thought I would make it this far away from my home to go to any car shows. I have settled with the knowledge that I would get to the many in and around my area. I never thought to check where we are to see if anything was happening. After all, my goal was to see black bears. (Which I did, by the way.)

At this time, all of the scheduled car shows and cruise ins had been canceled due to the COVID-19. We just wanted an escape, a relaxing time spent hiking and viewing. The car show season didn’t look promising, so I figured I would relax.

Imagine my surprise when we pulled into Pigeon Forge and saw all of the classic cars, bikes and trucks. Apparently, the Spring Rod Run was originally set for this week and then cancelled because of COVID-19. There wasn’t supposed to be anything happening.

Wait, it’s supposed to be cancelled, why are they still here?

Apparently, a lot of gear heads didn’t care if the actual event was cancelled, they were coming anyway. Their cars and trucks were ready and they converged on Pigeon Forge. The Rod Run was unofficially on again, they would not be kept inside any more. We stopped off at Huck Finn’s Catfish restaurant, (An amazing little place to eat while at Pigeon Forge, I must say.), and enjoyed the wait by looking at the cars and trucks around us.

I was not prepared to be in a car show, so I only have pictures. I didn’t get much of a chance to talk with anyone, but, this is my first car show this year, and it was worth it. A lot of the pictures where taken from my van. (I was the passenger, so I wasn’t driving.) The close-ups were in areas we could pull into and I could get out. Not many people with their cars, as it was dinner time.

Also, if you ever get the chance to see this area, I say take it! It is absolutely breath taking and amazing! The people are friendly and it is very relaxing. (Almost talked my wife into moving here.)

Enjoy the pictures.

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