Sunex 42-pc chrome socket set – 3842

Prior to this set, I had never heard of Sunex before. My only experience with hand tools that were not Mac, Snap-On or Matco involved busted knuckles, blood and sometimes (gasp) cussing, often with a broken socket, ratchet, or both.

Sunex emailed me and asked if I would be willing to review tools if they could get some to me. I, of course, agreed. They sent me this Sunex 42-pc 3/8″ drive chrome socket set – #3842

Technical Info:

Sunex #3842 – 3/8″ Drive Chrome Socket Set, SAE/Metric, 6 Pt., Standard/Deep, 3/8″ – 13/16″, 10mm – 19mm, 42Piece

Unique 80 tooth ratchet for optimal strength and accessibility

Lifetime warranty – Sunex sockets are fully Guaranteed

Comes with a red/black plastic case with metal latches

Sockets are etched with a high visibility marking

What is included

1 – red & black plastic molded box with metal latches

1 – 80 tooth, 3/8″ drive ratchet

2 – 3/8″ drive extensions & 2 – Spark plug sockets

8 -SAE Deepwell sockets & 8 – SAE Shallow sockets – 6 point

10 – Metric Deepwell sockets & 10 – Metric Shallow sockets – 6 point (Yes, 2 10 mm sockets are included)

The good

First, if you have ever had to loosen an old bolt off of anything, you know that you would rather have a 6 point socket, as opposed to a 12 point. It may be a little harder to get on the bolt, but, it rounds a bolt less that the 12 point. These are all 6 point, both shallow and deep. This has made working with them so much nicer.

The ratchet has a nice handle, easy to grip and easy to hold, unlike the rectangular and odd shaped ones I am used to. (The handle was comfortable, which is hard to come by these days. They actually felt quite nice in my hands.) The ratcheting seems so smooth and still feels strong when using it against a tough bolt or nut.

The sockets are well made. They even feel well made. I have had several cheap sets and know what a cheap socket feels like, these are far from it.

They are engraved, in color. One color for SAE and one color for Metric. This makes it easier to see and easier to organize back into the case, which is also marked. Overall, it is much easier to find what you need when your working on your car or truck.

Sunex #3842 – 3/8″ Drive Chrome Socket Set, SAE/Metric, 6 Pt., Standard/Deep, 3/8″ – 13/16″, 10mm – 19mm, 42Piece

The not so good

Well, no product is perfect, right? So, though I felt that these are high quality, good tools, let me tell you what could be better. (In my opinion)

The ratchets, though comfortable and strong, seem to have one flaw. There is nothing that releases the socket. Some of the ratchets have a button, which makes it so much easier, especially when your hands are full of grease or oil.

There is no swivel. I know, petty, but, honestly, how often have you been standing in your engine compartment, trying to get to that bolt and the only way is with a swivel? I feel like that is a very needed piece and wish it were included.

Last, though the extensions are great and useful, they are only 3″ and 6″. Even together, they don’t always have the reach you need. A 12″ extension would have been a great addition.


Ok, so, you have seen the good and the not so good. So, what do we really think of it?

I have used this set often over the time I have had it. On my truck, my wife’s minivan and all of the kids bikes. Pleas the lawn mowers. These things hold up and seem to be easy to use. Even without a release button, I haven’t had too much trouble releasing sockets, so, it isn’t so much of an issue as it is a wish.

If you are looking to put quality tools in your garage, your trunk or for a gift, you won’t go wrong with this socket set. You may have to add a few tools, such as indicated above, but, not everyone needs them, so, this makes a great set.

For your convenience, below is a link to Amazon where you can purchase your very own Sunex 42-pc 3/8″ drive chrome socket set – #3842

Sunex #3842 – 3/8″ Drive Chrome Socket Set, SAE/Metric, 6 Pt., Standard/Deep, 3/8″ – 13/16″, 10mm – 19mm, 42Piece

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