1975 Ford Mustang 2 – Derik Ford

Derik Ford acquired his love for cars at his Vocational School for Auto Mechanics. He purchased this 1975 Ford Mustang and you can read below what he has done to it so far. He is just starting, so, keep coming back to see what else he has done.

Make sure to go to the end to see his progress pictures, so far.

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What type of vehicle is this?: Car

Make, Model, Year of Project

1975 Ford mustang 2

What stage is this in?

Just Started Project

When did you purchase it and for how much?

Sometime around may 2019. $4000

Why did you choose this vehicle?

It was a classic mustang. I was looking for a 60s mustang. But I decided to settle for this since it was a classic mustang that runs and drives.

What sort of condition was it in when you started the project, what was wrong with it, etc.

It ran and drove.

It had an oil leak, small amount of rust on the body and the half vinyl top is half worn off.

What, specifically have you done, or had done to it?

New ignition parts

I’ve also replaced the drums, door speakers, some speakers that were sitting in the back seat were replaced with subs.

Replaced both brake hoses

Can you list any and all parts that you have put in?

New plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor, ignition coil.

I put original wheels back on.

I replaced both leaf springs. I believe the springs were original as they looked like they should be and they both broke. The first broke as it sat in my driveway and the 2nd broke either unknown or right when I took it off.

Where have you purchased your parts?

This model of car parts are harder to find, but I found 2 cars in a junk yard near me in Indiana and I’ve looked online, in places like Facebook.

Some parts are available in Advance Auto and I’ve seen things like steering racks available on Classic Industries, their parts are mainly for the v8 cobras though

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What about you?

In high school I failed Math and English multiple times. In my junior year, we were able to take classes at a career center, so, I took an automotive class and that’s where my love for cars started.

I went to Greenfield Central High and for the Auto class, I went to the Walker Career Center, just east of Indianapolis, Indiana at the Warren Central High School.

My teacher was a man named Mr. Bupp and he was a pretty swell guy. For the kids that would pay attention and put in work, he would even recommend them for jobs when dealerships and such would come around.

I ended up working for Keihin, a Japanese company that makes parts for Honda.

After about 2 months, I started working at Inskeep Ford, a Ford dealership. I still work there today.

Any stories regarding this project?

I was at a car show at Inskeep Ford when the google car drove by in 2019. My car was at the front of our lot so it would be seen on camera.

I went to a car show at a place in town called Jim Dandies.

Any garages, parts stores, fabrication shops, etc you want to call out specifically?

None so far, I’m early in this project

Check out the pictures below, make sure to click on the picture to see the full version.

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