2015 Corvette – Z06 Nurburgring Edition – Peter Taddeo

If your going to be a retired race car driver, what do you purchase? Why, a 2015 Corvette – Nurburgring Edition, of course. Do you keep it stock, well, absolutely not! Read the article below to see what Peter Taddeo did to his car and make sure to go to the bottom and click on the pictures to see everything.

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What type of vehicle is this?


Make, Model, Year of Project

2015 corvette ZO6 Nurburgring Edition

What stage is this in?

Completed Project

When did you purchase it and for how much?

I bought it new in 2015 for approximately $90k.

Why did you choose this vehicle?

I had a C6 ZO6 and always loved it, the C7 for me was the most beautiful and potent Corvette ever

What sort of condition was it in when you started the project, what was wrong with it, etc.

It was brand new

What, specifically have you done, or had done to it?

Spent the first year cooling the car down, then developed and installed a custom diffuser adding 200 lbs of down force to the rear.

Added canards and lowered the car

Added Lamborghini doors.

Replaced the hood with a waterfall hood giving 2 inches of additional clearance, put hood vents on for more air flow.

Then worked on the engines Halltech air box, flowed throttle body.

Alchemy control Methyl injection system

American racing 2″ headers

2019 supercharger cover, 9% larger supercharger pulley. The car currently dumps at 680 rwhp, 656 torque.

Where have you purchased your parts?

Caron fiber body parts from ACS

Composites wing from APR racing

Engine work from Lashway Motorsports in Florida

What about you?

I am a retired racer in several formats, mostly Porsche club, some IMSA, and HSR

Any stories regarding this project?

Been to shows all across the east coast.

Any garages, parts stores, fabrication shops, etc you want to call out specifically?

Lashway for the engine work, very good

You can click the image and see a video and hear the exhaust of this beauty.

Check out the pictures below, make sure to click on the picture to see the full version.

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Check out the Amazon store for all of your gift ideas. (Affiliate Link)

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