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2004 Ford Mustang – Dawn Merritt

Some say you know you have a problem when your kids think that you like your car better than them. Check out the article below and see if Dawn Merritt indeed loves her 2004 Ford Mustang that much. I am pretty sure she loves being a part of the Mustang Car Club she is a part of in Texas.

Keep reading to see what car club and if she does. Don’t forget to check out the pictures at the end.

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What type of vehicle is this?


Make, Model, Year of Project

Ford Mustang 2004

What stage is this in?

Somewhere between complete and not sure if it will ever get finished

When did you purchase it and for how much?

I purchased it in 2017 for $7,000

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Why did you choose this vehicle?

This is my favorite body style, with exception of the classics.

What sort of condition was it in when you started the project, what was wrong with it, etc.

The car was in excellent shape for the year.

It had low mileage and had been taken very good care of.

What, specifically have you done, or had done to it?

We’ve added some engine modifications, upgraded the clutch, upgraded brakes, new rims and wider tires, billet grille.

Can you list any and all parts that you have put in?

BBK Cold Air Intake

BBK 73mm Throttle Body

Ford Performance Intake

Voxx Rims

Upgraded Coil packs

NGK Plugs

I only run Amsoil products

Where have you purchased your parts?

American Muscle

Summit Racing



Dallas Mustang.

What about you?

I love cars, I won’t say I’m a gear head, but I love all kinds of cars.

I LOVE my car.

She is pampered, my kids claimed she’s my favorite child and I spoil her.

She lives in the garage and is NEVER dirty.

I will work on my own. I have no issue getting dirty, in fact I trust very few people working or driving my girl.

Any stories regarding this project?

After the purchase of this car we were visiting our kids in our home state of Texas and happened on a car show where we found a car club that happened to be supporting a Veteran’s Organization.

As we were walking away, I told my husband, “that’s a car club I could be a part of!”

As soon as we moved back to Texas, we joined.

I couldn’t ask for a better group, they aren’t friends, they are family!

Mustang Syndicate and Mission22, these people welcomed us with open arms and we haven’t looked back!


Any garages, parts stores, fabrication shops, etc you want to call out specifically?

Jmskustomgraphicsdetailing for all my decal and detail work!

Check out all the cool pictures below.

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