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1964 Ford F-100 – Wayne Wilhelm

So, you have a dilemma, you need a work truck, but you already have 2 trucks and your wife says that if you get another one, you have to get rid of one. What do you do?

Scroll down and see what Wayne did with his trucks. Don’t forget to check out all of the pictures at the bottom.

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What type vehicle:

1964 F-100

 Who is the  first owner of project:

Wayne  Wilhelm was the first owner, he still owns it

How much paid:

$400.00- Just my project-

Why this vehicle:

It started off as a work truck hauling scrap.

It finally got to where I could not get to the scrap, so, I decided I needed a 4 wheel drive Truck. My wife said that if I got another truck, I had to get rid of 1.

The truck was originally a low rider drag truck, but it didn’t run, as it needed the engine rebuilt. The truck originally had a 352 FE in it, so I rebuilt it .

I took out for test drive but didn’t realize I had no brakes. I hit boulders and totaled it.

Since I already had one that was 4 wheel drive, I just switched everything over to the 4 wheel drive frame.

I ran it on 1/2 ton axles for a few years, but kept breaking them going mud bogging.

I found 3 ton axles with 456 gears. It has a 390 big block, custom bumpers, custom interior. 

Still have a lot that needs to be done. I have retired it from mud bogs and now take it to car shows.

I am a backwoods mechanic.

I like to build unique vehicles that you don’t see every day. I have made most of the parts I needed if I couldn’t find it. 

I work on everything in my backyard.

Make sure to check out the pictures below.

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  1. Wayne has a nice truck there. I have more information on the 390 engine in it. I built the engine. It was in my 1975 3/4 ton. It’s been bored .060 over to a 405. Has a original aluminum intake off a 406. And a set of original 1968 chrome valve covers off a GT mustang. And a mild towing cam. With a 750cfm Holley carb. It needed headers and a bigger cam to really unlock it’s real power.

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