1994 Cadillac Hearse – Darrell Shaw

So, if you are looking to buy a vehicle to transport your stuff, (Like a pull behind coffin, lets say), to your Cosplay events, what would you think would be a good fit?

Well, on the advise of a friend, Darrell Shaw decided that a 1994 Cadillac Hearse would work out rather well.

After all, who is going to try to break in to a car that transports the dead? Right?

Keep reading to find out more about this car and their wild rides. Don’t forget to go to the end and see all the pictures.

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What type of vehicle is this?


Make, Model, Year of Project

94 Cadillac S$S

What stage is this in?

Completed Project

Me with the casket at a local parade

When did you purchase it and for how much?

purchased in 2018

Why did you choose this vehicle?

If you look back into the curtain you can make out a face. I guess it all depends on if you believe in the afterlife.

I cosplay and was looking for a way to transport my tank.

I met a guy from New York and he told me to buy a hearse.

I’m thinking who in their right mind would drive one, but then I got to thinking that maybe he’s not wrong. I mean, lock it up and nobody would bother it.

Iron Patriot and Black Widow is The wife and me. Tthe builder of the Iron Patriot suit is James Fipps out of St Louis.

What sort of condition was it in when you started the project, what was wrong with it, etc

I had to trailer it home. It was a 14 hour round trip.

What, specifically have you done, or had done to it?

The limo conversion was already done.

Photo taken at Superman fest, the flames are Photoshoped, but the face expression is real.

Can you list any and all parts that you have put in?

The outer is plain stock, inside has LED lighting, a sub and amp and a nice aftermarket radio in the back.

What about you?

I was a pretty shy person til bout 5 years ago. when we went on our honeymoon after 19 years of marriage.

Any stories regarding this project?

You can follow the hearse on Facebook at.

That’s me in the green army suit showing my support for our military

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