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1970 Ford F100 – Trevor Dawson

So, you are in high school, 16 and own a truck, when you drive by another truck and realize that you just have to have that truck.

Well, what do you do?

Keep reading the article to find out what Trevor did. (Like it is a surprise, right?)

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What type of vehicle is this?


Make, Model, Year of Project

1970 Ford F100 Pickup 2WD

What stage is this in?

Somewhere between complete and not sure if it will ever get finished

When did you purchase it and for how much?

I purchased this truck in 2011 for $2700.

Why did you choose this vehicle?

I grew up around old cars and trucks. I saw this truck on the side of the road when I was 16 years old and had to have it.

What sort of condition was it in when you started the project, what was wrong with it, etc?

The truck was all original from what it seemed, but it still ran and drove.

It needed tires immediately because the one had a huge bulge in it and would throw you into the ditch if you let go of the steering wheel.

What, specifically have you done, or had done to it?

I put in a new motor and transmission.

I upgraded the rear gears and did a disc brake swap.

I added power steering and disc brakes in the front and redid the interior.

Can you list any and all parts that you have put in?

460 swapped with a tremec tko 600 with Richmond 4.11 gears.

The disc brakes are off another 70 f100. A guy off of Craigslist was selling them because he was doing the Crown Vic swap on his.

Where have you purchased your parts?

LMC Truck

Summit Racing


Local swap meets, Craigslist and Facebook market place

What about you?

I was 16 when I got the truck.

I sold my first truck that I had which was a 94 f150 for $3000 same day went and bought the 70 and drove it for a year before I began restoring it.

With school and work, it took a few years to finally get it road Worthy again. It took awhile to save up the money for me to do with it that I wanted.

Any stories regarding this project?

I built the truck with the help of my uncle, who taught me pretty much everything I know about working on cars and classic cars specifically.

I run the BF Goodrich during the week and then run a set of street tires with the ET Street SS in the rear on the weekend.

During Easter this year, I brought my truck over to my grandparents and we were all outside and everyone just naturally gravitated towards the truck.

The kids where inside the cab playing with everything they could, pretending to hit the gas and shift through the gears. They were also climbing from the bed through the rear slider and vise versa.

All of the adults where hanging around the tailgate talking and sharing stories. Just made me think of a lost time and how an old truck can bring everyone together to appreciate family and how anyone whether they’re into cars or not can still appreciate it.

Any garages, parts stores, fabrication shops, etc you want to call out specifically?

The only shop I have had work done for the truck was getting the motor built by Atteco in Volo, IL.

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