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1969 Chevelle – Cory Maier

Sometimes, we look at other peoples cars and we think, “I wish i could have one of those”, but we never do.

Sometimes, we remember what we once had and decide, “I am going to get another, just a bit newer.”

Keep reading and see what Cory decided to do and what he ended up wqith, plus, some sage advice at the end!

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When did you purchase your Chevelle and for how much?

I bought the car in 2014 for for $9,000.00

Why did you choose this vehicle?

When I was younger, I owned a 1966 Chevelle. I have always liked the looks of the 69, so I snatched it up

What sort of condition was it in when you started the project, what was wrong with it?

The following year we had it painted,powder-coated the frame, then I completely replaced all of the interior and trim. At this point, we really needed to step up the horse power so my friend at Jordan racing engines and I built a big boy blower motor.

Can you list any and all parts that you have put in?

It had a mild small block with an automatic transmission and a 10 bolt rear end. It had the Nineties build all over it with things like 14″ Center-lines, a big tachometer, drilled right into the dash, oh and my favorite, a bench seat with racing lap belts and submarine strap through a hole in the seat that was tied to springs! Oh, so very safe! A little electrical issues, but all in all, pretty solid.

What, specifically have you done, or had done to it?

I started by putting a big block in it with a Muncie! This woke it right up !

The motor is a 500 in. BBC, forged steel scar rotating assembly (re-balanced)

8.5:1 SRP pistons with JE rings

Brodix dragslayer heads with compression cam upgrade

Compression cam, magnum roller rockers, Brodix stud girdle topped with Diest 6-71 blower and two 950 quick fuel Q series carbs. All of this is backed by guicktime bell housing, fein disc hays clutch, tremic TKO 5 speed and a fab nine rear with Detroit locker 31 spline strange axles, all hoping to stop with help of bear brakes on all 4 corners!

Where have you purchased your parts?

I have gathered these parts in a variety of places, trying to be thrifty.

I got some at swap meets, some from Summit Racing and some from trading with fellow motor heads on the internet

What about you?

I’m a lifelong Chevy fan middle class guy.

I own a spring business with my brother and I am happy to be alive.

Any stories regarding this project?

The car has grown into its current state with many local people watching and seeing the transition. It’s hard to miss now and has a reputation around the car show circle of being very loud and nasty!

Can’t help a little burnout here and there! This thing is so fun to drive I still can’t believe it’s mine!

Any garages, parts stores, fabrication shops, etc you want to call out specifically?

This creation could not be possible without good friends and fellow car enthusiasts and family!

Oh and my Smooshy for being very understanding and supportive! Remember guys, hot girls that dig cars are a gift from god! Cherish them!

And no matter what condition or phase your car is in, it’s yours, enjoy every bit that you can!

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