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1968 Camaro – Romano Burcul

Camaro’s seem to be an extremely popular car and Romano’s is nothing short of spectacular.

Australian run and built, he has an impressive story and build, just keep reading to see what he has done, but, make sure to scroll to the bottom to see all of the pictures and the video of his car! Check out the big smile on his sons face as he sits behind the wheel, I’ll bet it is the same smile he has when he gets to help Daddy!

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When did you purchase your Camaro?

I purchased the car in 2000.

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So, why did you choose this vehicle?

I have always loved the shape of the Camaro . The body lines were way ahead of their time .

What sort of condition was it in when you started the project?

Actually, when I first purchased the car, it was in really good condition.

Well, since it was in good condition when you got it, what did you decide to do to it?

In the 19 years since I have owned it, I have done extensive modifications to the car . I have changed every nut and bolt .

I put a new 454 engine with a Weiand 174 supercharger and a new gear box . A 3 speed T400 with a shift kit.

It has a Detroit locker Ford 9 in diff with 3.55 gears attached to a chassis works 4 link rear end with Adjustable QA1 shocks all round.

I installed tubular arms and power rack and pinion steering.

With all of that power, I installed 4 wheel wilwood disc brakes, so I could stop if needed.

A classic Instruments Dash. Heater delete panel.

The car has no badges no turning signals and no outside mirrors.

There are many, many more things just to numerous to mention.

Where have you purchased most of your parts?

I got a lot of parts from Classic industries

Any garages, parts stores, fabrication shops, etc you want to call out specifically?

My mechanic BAZZ! He’s a wizard! I think I mentioned everything else!

What about you, tell us something about you, who you are.

My name is Romano and I’m from Tasmania, Australia and I love American muscle cars! I also had a Holden GTS monaro growing up, which was a Beautiful car.

I have a 6 year old boy who loves to help dad with his car. We go to a lot of car shows together, which is awesome.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

The car goes to many car shows and my cupboard is full of trophies . The hard work has paid off because the car is admired by so many people.

Here is the video I promised you at the start. 1968 Camaro

Check out the pictures below!

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