Denton Friday Night Cruise – July 2018

Well, after several months, (Almost 5) away because of life and work, we finally got some time to get to a car event. The Friday Night Cruise at Denton, MD.

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Continue Below for the full story, pictures and a link to the video of the 1959 Anglia.

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I arrived at the event about a half hour early, so that I could see them set up and to just relax. A friend had said he may go, so I was also waiting to see if he would be there, but, he was not able to make it.

I spent the evening walking and talking with car owners, as would be expected. Hoping to gather some new features for the articles section. There were several guys who I have met before and we just spent some time catching up.


There were some noteworthy new rides there, with incredible stories, or that were just unique. Such as, a set of Ford trucks, which is a father/son build and a 1959 Anglia. (Never have I seen one before, but someone came by and called it an English Ford).

You can see a video of The 1959 Anglia here.

A lot of cars show up each Cruise, as this is their chance to just sit back, relax and talk car stuff with the people around. There are no trophies, no competition, just a relaxing time to show off your hard work and actually get to talk with others about your build. Most of these owners come just to hang out and enjoy a night with their friends.

If you haven’t had a chance to go to a Cruise, or Cruise in, in your area, I suggest you look into it and see where they are. These are just great times to go out and enjoy the hard work being presented without the stress of the car show competitions.

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