“Silver Bullet” – 2013 Chevy Camaro LS – Shane & Erin Wilder

Often, when we think of a dream car, we think of an older classic, maybe an antique. The story that is associated with our dream car is usually extraordinary, because, after all, it created a dream. So, what happens when a lady has a dream and 2 different men come into her life and make it happen? Read on to find out how the Silver Bullet became a dream come true.

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From Shane

It was a beautiful day in Laughlin, NV. When I met her, Erin Myers and her 2013 Chevy Camaro LS.

When we first introduced ourselves to each other, I couldn’t take my eyes off her!! That car had SO MUCH potential!! LOL
Erin had no idea that the person she was about to date & spend the rest of her life with was actually a Custom Car builder and owned Ultrasoundz’ Car Audio & Customz’ in California, Nevada & Arizona.

After getting to know each other, She finally let me do what I do best, Build her DREAM car!

What type of vehicle?

2013 Chevy Camaro LS

How did you figure out what she wanted?

Build Start: To find out what she dreamed her Camaro would look like and what she wanted done to make it her own independent one of a kind Camaro.

List: Sound System that would rival a Sam Hunt Concert at the Grand Garden Arena.
Suspension to make the ride smoother, yet Corner like its on rails.
Wheels and Tires to make that car stick to the road like a fly to a fly trap.
Doors that would make even Lamborghini owners jaws drop!
Accent Lighting that even Back to the Future fans couldn’t imagine.
Interior upgrades Nobody knew even existed.
Body Panel Color change that ultimately made the U.S. Govt. redesign the Stealth Fighter.
Engine Work that….Well its Engine Work.
As I’m sure you have figured by now I had to make you Laugh, Hope it worked!!

Why this vehicle?

This Camaro was purchased for Erin by her deceased Husband and she absolutely loves her car.

After her husband, Chris Myers, passed away of Esophageal Cancer, she met Shane Wilder and began dating.

In the 2 1/2 years of dating, Shane (Ultrasoundz’ Car Audio & Customz’ Owner) has turned Erin’s Camaro into her dream car!

This Camaro is very special to Erin as after 1 1/2 years of being with Shane, She learned he was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer as well.
So now Erin finds this particular Camaro “Irreplaceable” due to the fact that both of the “Men in her life” made her dream come true.
After spending 38 years in Las Vegas NV. Erin and Shane moved to Kingman, AZ. Where they and the Camaro are now members of Route 66 Cruizers, and Shane has opened a 3rd. Location of Ultrasoundz’.
You can see this Camaro  participating in car shows  all over Arizona, Nevada and California, as well as all Route 66 Cruisers functions such as “Chillin on Beal”.
What have you done to it so far?
Started by Having the Hood, Trunk Deck Lid, License Plate Bucket, Rockers and Mirrors done in MATTE Black to Offset the Color scheme. Billet Grille then inserted & while I was at it, decided to do a full Front Clip swap! We went from the standard LS front end and upgraded to the ZL-1 Front clip. (that was a chore).
Followed by having DOC from Counting Cars at Counts Kustoms, upgrade the ECM and shift points. Advancing the timing and a lot more than I could understand lol.
He ultimately TUNED the car to the Maximum it could be done, Killing the Rev limiter and bringing the speedometer to top at 333 MPH. (For the Record the fastest I have had it at so far is 162 MPH). A CAT and Muffler Delete was done leaving it as a Straight Exhaust (Love Arizona). Engine cover has been Hydro Dipped with Metallic Blue as well as Fuse block, all fluid caps and Core support brace plate.
Interior: Was all Grey w/ Black.
Now, Black and Metallic Blue. Seats are wrapped in Blue Leather and Black suede Trim, Dash Panels are Black Leather W/ Blue Metallic inserts and trim.
Center console is Black Leather W/ Blue Metallic filled inserts, and Blue L.E.D. Footwell accent lighting W/ Blue L.E.D. Entrance lighting tucked into the rubber molding in door frames.
Exterior: Black Matte color change as mentioned above, Upgrade from 18in. Steel Stock LS Wheels to 20in Staggered SS Wheels, 9.5 X 20 Front & 11.5 X 20 Rear. Air-Lift Air Ride suspension on all four corners for (Measured from ground) 1.2in. @ 0 psi. (Laid Out) to 10.3in. Lift (Locked Up). All for better Handling as well as a VERY smooth ride. Powered by a VIAIR 444 12v onboard Compressor and 2.5 Gal. VIAIR Tank mounted in the trunk. Operated by SMC 3/8in. Valves.
Driver & Passenger Doors have been modified with version of U.S.A. Made Vertical Hinges thereby opening the doors not only out but up as in whats better known as “Lambo Doors”.
Both doors are operated by electric actuators that are controlled by a VIPER Alarm/Auto Start component.
Full L.E.D. Underglow Multi-Color Light kit with L.E.D. Blue “City Lights” in the headlights.
L.E.D. Wheel Lighting for rims mounted to brake dust shields.
Full L.E.D. Lighting Upgrade to ALL Headlights,Fog/Driving & Tail lights. Tail Lighting containing “Afterburner” Strobing Brake & Turn indicators. Tinted Side Markers and Tail Lights. Black Hydro Dipped Tail Light bezels and Door Handles.
Trunk Deck lid has been modified to not only open as intended, but also lays back in a “Suicide” Mode while in “Up Position” While still FULLY functional in a Standard fashion. The interior of the Trunk contains the Air Suspension components and the trim is Hydro-dipped in the same Metallic Blue.
Any help you have gotten?
Shane & Erin would like to thank all of the people and Companies & Sponsors involved with the build of “Silver Bullet”.
Ultrasoundz’ Car Audio & Customz’  find them on Facebook @Ultrasoundaz or @Ultrasoundzcaraudio&customz
VIAIR Corp. or Facebook @VIAIRCORP
Vertical Doors
Counts Kustoms
Doc’s Performance, Dyno & Tuning Facebook@DocsDynoTuning

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