Brickiac Top 10 Part 2!

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Hello everyone, Brickiac Claus here, and I’ve finally come with the 2nd half (and most likely best half) of the Brickiac top 10. We are now going to go over 5-1, the more wanted and popular Lego kits. I hope you enjoy, and let’s get started with…


Number 5: Kit 21030: United States Capital Building

I can see how this one made it into the top ten. This kit is one of the biggest Lego Architecture sets you can get. It has 1032 pieces and has an age recommendation of 12 and up. Looking through the parts list, one can see why the age limit is set so high. The pieces in this kit are tiny and it has a lot of 1×1 white Bricks with an indented stud on one side. Those types of pieces are good for using as windows for a micro build like this one.

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