Brickiac Top 10 List part 1…

Check out the first part of this top 10 list.


Hello everybody, Brickiac here with the first top 10 list on this blog… well, half of one. I plan to split this into two parts, one this week, and one next week. I hope you enjoy, and here is 10-6 on the Brickiac Holiday Top 10.


Number 10: Kit 71019: Ninjago movie Minifigures.

I kind of already new that these would make it to the list, I mean, they are the new Minifigures after all. Personally, I think the Disney Minifigures were the best ones, but these ones do come close. Hey, if you get this for Christmas, make sure to let me know and let me know what your favorite one is.


Number 9: Kit 41322: Snow Resort Ice Rink

Just so you are aware, this blog is for both guys and girls. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that I would have some Lego…

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