Brickiac’s Tower of Terror


Hello everybody, Brickiac here with another custom build, and this one was built by Dark Brickiac, the hot headed, evil looking Brickiac.


Just so you know, this is my idea of a Halloween creative build, so get ready.

This build is called the “Terror Tower”. The inspiration for this build came to me when I was brainstorming ideas. I asked a friend which one of the ideas I should build, and my friend said a haunted castle. As I started building the tower, I thought that leaving it as just a tower full of monsters would be good enough, but by the time I finished the goblin infested basement, I knew I needed more to show that it was a basement. From then on it was easy building… almost. The only problem I had was supporting the greenery outside the tower, it seemed that everything I did to support it…

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