Customs N Classics is one year old!

418e0d86eaa459eab3eb10bfa5d0f9d2--happy-birthday-for-him-male-birthdaySo, August 25 marks the 1 year mark for Customs N Classics. A milestone I wasn’t sure I would ever hit, let alone, hit it like we have.

I dreamed of this just being a place where I could write about some of the cars I saw, maybe share a few pictures and use it to justify going to some car shows. It has grown into so much more and I want to thank all of you, as, without you, it would never have grown.

So, 1 year later, I have published 81 posts. 1 was by a guest author, Tobias Mann.

I have had one small Facebook giveaway. A key chain piston that I got from Loud Pedal Marketing Grouppistons

I have published 9 videos

I have started 2 Facebook pages, one that is directly linked to this blog and another that is a group page to share posts.

While I am on the Facebook link, I was also able to become a part of and eventually, an admin of the Facebook group, Lean on Me, which is a group designed to actually help guys who have stalled out on their builds, mostly for financial reasons. It chooses a project and takes the month to raise some funds for it. A goal is set, but, even if $1 is raised, that is more than what was available prior. You may want to check it out.

Now, the blog itself has taken on a new look and is in the process of making more resources available to you. We wanted to have a list, throughout the USA and in as many 10991261_10205012527784809_5790515368737493039_ncountries as possible, of shops, fabricators and parts suppliers. 

Another resource we are slowly adding is also under the resources page, which is the page for Build Information.

Finally, we are also building a page for who and what we support. Why we do this and general information. I encourage you to see the available posts on them, as we will have the newer pages up, sometime this year.

Finally, I would like to take this time to thank each and every one of you who sidebar_01have subscribed to us on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and here. You can get to each of these by going to my Contact page. Without you, I am just writing things down, for me to see.

I can’t wait to see what happens during the next year, I know that there is so much in store and I have a couple of really cool ideas for this site, so, stay tuned, check out all of the social media links and get ready, the Christmas Tree lights are turning green!


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