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Sometimes, you just have to put it out there. You have to be open and ready to answer the questions of what you believe and what you support.

b134cc51af5117af0a848905c454584a--heavenly-father-saviorIt should come as no surprise that I am a Christian, I haven’t hidden the fact, but, just in case you haven’t picked up on it, here it is, so no one can make a mistake.

I am a Christian, I believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. If you want to know a little more about what this means, please see my article, called “Restoration”, here.salvation

Ok, so, now we have a foundation with which to build upon. A rolling frame where we can begin to add the engine and transmission, the body and the interior and finally, the finish coat. The bed has been made, the block has been laid, the engine has been built. Now what?

So, now I want to share with you what we, as Customs N Classics supports, financially, with time and in prayer. Yes, support is not always about taking out your checkbook, but about investing your time and effort. It is about lifting it up in prayer so that God has His way with it.

First, I support my church, in all 3 ways. Shore Christian Fellowship, of Queenstown, MD. Yes, this is my and my families church. Always open to guests and ready to meet with you, greet you and be there for you. Awesome place, you should consider going to it if you are in the area. There is a smaller ministry in the midst of the church, called, Food for Thought. It is a giving ministry, giving out non food items to those in the community.

I also support a ministry that serves people in other countries. My Pastor and my son have both went to Haiti under this ministry. It works to help people help themselves, so that they in turn, can help others. GoServ Global is an amazing ministry willing to help others. Check them out, they have a great testimony.

Back here, at home, I also support Making the Gospel Known Ministries.  With Chris & Linda Peeler. My son has attended their REACH program and they have taught in my church.

Now, as much as I strive to uphold ministries in my faith, there are some things that are not Christian that I support, because I feel their cause is a pretty noble and worthy one. I don’t feel that everything I support has to have the Christian label on it, but I do believe that everything I support either points to Christ, or can be used to point someone to Christ.

I support a new group on Facebook called, Lean on Me, that tries to help guys/gals who are trying to build their dream project car/truck. I know, on the surface, it is like, “Yeah, so what, aren’t we all?” and I would answer, yep, probably, but, these folk have run into a snag somehow and haven’t been able to get their build to the running position. They need help to get there. This is just people helping people. What a way to share how Jesus loves them.

Now, a big one that I support is the Wounded Warrior Project. As a Veteran, I am drawn to others who have served, they are family. This will always be true, it is something made. Saying that, I always want to try to support those who have paid a high price for this country. So, wounded soldiers will always get my support.

Now, if you would like to support me in continuing to create content and tell the stories of those cars we see, but generally never know, just send me an email at dfletcher072970@gmail.com, and let me know how much you want to support. Or, if you want to do it via PayPal, my PayPal account email is ahomespecialist@yahoo.com. I can send you an email invoice, so you can contribute. Just remember, I am not a non-profit, I just have never made a profit.

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