Wesley Lake – 1950 Dodge 5-Window Truck

19551219_434575820250849_1127367074_nSo, Wesley decided to take on a project that put two major American icons together. Add to that a diesel to power a 4×4 chassis, how can anyone go wrong?

Check out the story below to see what he married together and what he has had to do to get there. Give us your comments at the bottom and don’t forget to check out the photos.

What type of vehicle is this?

This is a 1950, 5 window Dodge truck on an 82 K10 4×4 frame.

So, what is the story behind the purchase/find of this truck? 4119300640_31d461ab40
I was going to build a Astro van and put it on the 4×4 frame, but I couldn’t find one. I had  been looking for something different because that’s what I like to build and my father found this truck.
I wasn’t going to look at it because it’s not what I wanted, but, I went anyway. As soon as I saw it, I had to have it. 
I picked it up as a roller, no motor or transmission.
19668239_434932370215194_1786619532_nI didn’t know how hard the parts were to find until I got it, but it’s been fun and I get a lot of compliments on it.
How much was it purchased for?
I paid $500
What have you done to it so far?
It has a 6.2 Detroit diesel. Chevy used this motor in the 80s.
It sits on a 82 Chevrolet 4×4 frame. I had to cut and shorten it to fit the bed, but, other 19553464_434932453548519_1790147317_nthan that, it’s stock with no lift.
I put a set of 33\1250\15 mud tires and took the side saddle tank out and put a new fuel tank from a blazer in the back.
I made new frame and body mounts and slid the cab on the frame. I had to cut the firewall out to fit the motor in (it sits in the cab 4 in).

Where is it now, in the rebuild stage?

I am in the process of doing the body work now had to rebuild the bottoms of the doors
19576109_434576583584106_332778824_nAny special parts you have used?
The special parts on my truck is a 6.2diesel engine makes it one of a kind.

Any help you have gotten?19601036_435553013486463_2600324369925598534_n

A special thanks to Tim at Tim’s classic and modern Auto and Ron at Ron’s classic car parts for helping me through this process.

Wesley hasn’t finished his project truck just yet, but, it shouldn’t take too long before he gets it to where he wants it. Putting a Dodge body on a Chevy frame is a big job and it looks like he was up

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