Jesse Bassett – 1963 Chevy Stepside

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14440627_10207348754345389_2098775269507305038_nIn this interview, we meet Jesse Bassett. He owns and is restoring his grandfathers 1963 Chevy Stepside Pickup truck. This truck was about to be sold to some guys doing roadwork nearby, but, he talked to him and he got it instead. Keep reading to hear what he has done and what he is going to do.

So, what type of vehicle is it you have?

It’s a 1963 Chevy c10 shortbed big back glass, step side pickup truck18948702_1452221404835075_1641906620_o

Who is the first owner of the project and is it still their project?

I got the truck from my grandfather in 2012. He bought it new in 1964 and I still have the original title to it.

When was it purchased?

19024582_1452219418168607_916957846_oI got it in 2012

How much was it purchased for?

My grandfather was getting ready to sell it to a couple of guys doing roadwork in the area, I actually ended up talking him out of it, he gave it to me.

Was this a father/son, Daughter project?19024854_1452219391501943_764826663_o

After my grandfather gave me the keys, I pulled it down to my uncles shop and we started the tear down. This thing is a never ending project and that’s fine by me, as long as I’m doing something to it, I’ll never get tired of it or get bored with it.

Give me some backstory, are you a mechanic, do you like to fabricate, are you really good at body work, etc. Some info about you.

Well, I’m a mechanic by trade and I love to fabricate and weld.

19024482_1452219318168617_601511418_oBeing a mechanic just comes natural to me.

I work at a garage called Resurrected Garage. We work on pretty much anything and everything.

What have you done to it so far? (Be as descriptive as you can, I may make it several blog posts if it is long, but, that is OK.)

It was super rusty. I replaced floor boards, inner and outer rocker panels, fenders, the hood had to have a lot of fiberglass work down to it.

I’ve had multiple motor and transmission combinations in the truck.

It started with a 292 and a 3 speed, and has had multiple 350s and th350 trans, 700r4s, 3 19024595_1452219431501939_147089904_ospeeds, 4 speed, and now has a Oldsmobile 350 rocket and a super turbine 300 trans out of a 1968 Delmont 88.

I static dropped it 3″ in front and 5″ in the rear.

Most of the drive train and suspension swaps/work have been done at the shop I work at, it’s called Resurrected Garage.

So, with all of the work you have done to it, where is it now, in the rebuild stage?

I’m about to convert it to 5 lug and put disc brakes on it.

Are there any special parts you have used?

19024816_1452219351501947_1259731124_oI just bought some headers from Summit for it, I paid $60 for them in the scratch and dent pile, just a few scratches on them is all that’s wrong with them.

I bought all my body parts from Classic Industries and many parts have came from Summit.

My transmission parts came from Transmission Parts Unlimited

A quick list of places where Jesse got parts from.

Summit Racing Equipment

Classic Industries

Transmission Parts Unlimited

Resurrected Garage

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