Jimmy Johnson – 1956 Chevy Pickup 3200

What do you get when you add a person with their own garage, tools and


talents, truck parts in the back yard just waiting for something to happen, a model, chop

ped up and built and an imagination?

Well, keep reading and find out!

18209050_1891319540894168_6066131479989811535_oJimmy Johnson lives in North Central Iowa and has been doing these builds since 1965. You can see his work via his

Facebook page. He has quite a collection of builds, which hopefully, we will be able to showcase here in the future.

Let’s just jump right in and see what you get when you mix it all together.

Let’s just start simple. What is the Make, Model and Year of your truck?

This is two vehicles put together. The body is a 1956 Chevy Pickup 3200 and the chassis is a 1987 Corvette frame.
So, with that information, it makes one wonder, what engine/transmission are you running in it?
It has a small block Chevy Engine, 383 CI, High Compression, Roller cam with a 850cfm Holley carburetor.
It was dyno tested to 649 HP.
18922920_1947139641978824_7310756913303858657_oIt also has a Borg Warner Super T10 transmission with a 410 posi. rear-end.
How is your running gear/ suspension/steering and brakes set up?
I converted it to Coil overs on all for corners, with heavier sway bars front and rear, I put on 14 in. 6 piston Baer Brakes, This all sits on a 1987 C4 Corvette chassis, with Billet Specialties Rims 12 X 18 in. on all four corners.
So, you put your truck on a better frame? Or just made the better chassis for the 17157631_1813717915320998_1648495139294827240_otruck frame?
I used a complete C4 chassis and made the truck parts fit on it.
So, what did you have to do to make them fit?
I cut and rearranged every piece, Chopped the top 6in, sectioned 12 in. channeled over the Corvette rails, shortened the box 2 feet and lengthened the front fenders 6in.
Also, I flipped and reversed the stock windshield , molded the rear fenders to the cab for a Uni-body structure.
You have done a lot of work, a lot of custom fabrication, so, I have to ask, why this truck, why this build?
12983206_1368072196552241_6944101686224167787_oThis is my favorite 50’s pickup body style.
Also, I had the parts just sitting in my back yard for years.
We had a brainstorm one day and got a tape measure out and started measuring things, did up some sketches and cut up a scale model to see if I liked it. Showed it to a client and he liked the idea.
You said you chopped and built a scale model? Who did the model and do you still have it?
I did the model and yes, I still have it.
The model has a longer box is the only difference.
When did you start this build and how long did it take?
I started November 2015 and am just now finishing it for it first show this weekend. (July 1st, 2017)
It took 18 months start to finish.
I did all the modifications, assembly and paint. Had a mechanic friend help with the 18192631_1889147657778023_1608639188553462599_omechanical assembly.
18 months is a new record for me building a ground up project. next closest is 4 years.
Any specific help, i.e., Parts stores, friends,shops, etc, that helped the build, so we can link to them in the article?
PPG paint
Auto Parts Plus, Hampton Ia.
Ron Lukes Engines, Mason City Ia.
Randy Boelman, Mechanic
Don Warneke, owner.
13301233_1409560889070038_5348203110474121756_oAnything else?
We intend to enter in the Good Guys Auto Cross Event this weekend. I will be getting some outdoor pics this weekend and maybe some video on and off the track.

Now, the rest of the story

Jimmy and tJimmy Johnson 1956 Chevy 3he owner, Don Warneke, took the truck to the Good Guys Auto Cross Event over the weekend. (June 30 – July 2, 2017). Below is his account of what happened.

We arrived on  Friday morning and went straight to the Autocross track. Jimmy Johnson 1956 Chevy 18

Don spun the car at the finish line on his 3rd run. We went and had the car scaled and saw we needed to make a few adjustments. The car handled better after that. His fastest lap was 52 seconds.

Jimmy Johnson 1956 Chevy 4On Saturday Al Unser Jr. went for a ride in the 56 for a lap and gave us some more tips on things we could work on to go faster.

For the last time out, Robin Hetchler did an in car video for Rat Rod Magazine.

Jimmy Johnson 1956 Chevy 8He didn’t quite qualify for the final 16 car shoot out, of 12 Pro cars and only 4 others. However, as we were getting ready to pack up and leave, a GOODGUYS judge showed up and gave the car a Wild Card Award, “JUST BECAUSE IT’S NEAT”.

We cleanJimmy Johnson 1956 Chevy 1ed the 56 up a little and moved it to The Winner’s Circle parking lot and came again on Sunday to join the Winners Parade to pick up the Award. Everyone loved the little truck and tons of photos were taken and many interviews were given.


Big shout-out to Ed Siems of Ed’s Photography for the photos he took at the Goodguys event.

Take some time to browse through the entire photo collection to see the parts fabricated, how the brakes look, how the engine looks, what took place behind the scenes and how it looks now. Photos of the Goodguys event are also included, as well as photos by Ed’s Photography! Make sure to leave a comment telling us what you think.

Why do we do this?

20170518_195229The video of why we do this.

I honestly started it to make money, thinking that anything about cars should grow quickly and become profitable.

Fast forCustoms n classics logoward about 3 weeks, I realized that I didn’t care if it made money or not, I enjoyed talking with people, especially about their cars. All I had to do was figure out what direction I wanted to go in.

My son, Aaron, became integral. He is my oldest and I saw this as a great way to connect with him, to grow a relationship with him, more that that of a father/son, but, also that of a friend. He goes with me to events and is fast becoming my cameraman.cross_full_full

Then, I realized that I wanted to integrate my faith into this, to have that avenue to share, to pray for people and to be an encouragement to those who are down. Customs N Classics became a ministry.

Now, I can honestly say, I do this because I really want people to get a sense of what goes into these creations, whether it is bought, or built. What stories lie behind the purchase or the build. I want the viewers to feel like they have connected with the owners.

Secondly, I want to share the hope I have with others. I want people to know that there is a better life coming, for those who choose Jesus Christ. I also want to be there to encourage those who need it and to be there to pray for people. Check out the video.

See the entire video

Eric DeCoste – 1990 Harley Davidson XLH1200

This interview brings in an American Icon, the Harley Davidson. Harley is an institution

sales ad

Photo from an advertisement

in and of itself, with no other bike in America having the same longevity and popularity.

The amount of stuff you can buy with the colors are phenomenal, but, the bike itself is timeless. From its inception to today, Harley has always stood for freedom, in all its forms.
I hope you enjoy this interview. Leave a comment at the end, telling us your HD story, or just letting us know what you think.
Like Harley’s? Check out some of these Harley Davidson products.
19182066_1694633970570747_1360936098_oSo, tell us, what type of motorcycle is this?
This bike is a 1990 Harley Davidson xlh1200
How much was it purchased for?
I got the bike from a friend for $1,000 .
Why this vehicle?
I’ve always wanted a Harley since I was 13 and now at 43 I have my first Harley
The bike was sitting in his garage for 10 yrs and not being used, the owner before him had done a lot of custom work to it, such as, oversized cam, S+S carburetor, pipes, custom paint, engraved front forks, hyper charger.

He promised me the bike ran when I purchased it. (We all know how that tends to go.) I got it home and put in a new battery and fresh fuel,well, the bike fired right up, to my disbelief.
I had a vision for the bike from that moment, bars had to go, ugly seat also had to go, however, I had to go through the motor before putting any money in it.
Give me some backstory, are you a mechanic, do you like to fabricate, are you really 19126305_1694633930570751_464806089_ogood at body work, etc. Some info about you. Info about the vehicle prior to starting it. (i.e., condition, missing parts, just needed paint, no engine, etc.)
I enjoy building and repairing things, I’m an owner of a building and Remodeling business, but I love getting old dirt bikes and bringing them back to life.
I don’t do restorations on them , just get them back to ride-able and reliable.
What have you done to it so far? (Be as descriptive as you can, I may make it several blog posts if it is long, but, that is OK.)
I pulled carburetor and cleaned it, installed new fuel lines and filter, oil change and filter, transmission fluid change, drained fuel tank and cleaned it out. This was the point I fired it again and it sounded amazing!
My friend who is a welder fabricated the drag bars for free, to my liking, ( 4″ kick back and 33″ wide )
I drilled all holes and painted the bars, also used all grips, levers and switches from old bars.

Found some new/used shorty shocks to drop the rear 3.5 inches from Facebook Massachusetts Harley Davidson for $40.00.
At this stage I was happy with the set up, I was going to leave the paint but it had some good chips in it and I’m not into graphics.
Now, my brother -in-law is a custom bike builder/fabricator and he offered to paint the tank and fenders for me for $300 bucks. I jumped on the offer. He had this amazing custom gray paint left over from a bike he built yrs prior, it came out amazing !
I got the tins back and couldn’t wait to install them. I got fenders on, but I found some bad wiring I had to repair before the tank went on. Once the tank was on, I couldn’t believe how great it looked!
I got a new solo LePara seat that pulled it all together. Then I cleaned the 10 yrs of crap off the chrome with Never Dull and boom, bike looked awesome!
19181928_1694633900570754_1462603437_oWhere is it now, in the rebuild stage?
Only thing left to do is have an electrical test done, may need a new starter or regulator, as my battery isn’t charging while riding.
Also, I am looking for new foot pegs as I don’t like the ones I have, they are all chrome plated with no grip so I’m looking for ones with some rubber
Any help you have gotten? (i.e., friend(s), a garage, body shop, parts supplier, box store or online, yahoo videos that were helpful, etc.)
My friend who is a welder fabricated me the drag bars for free to my liking, ( 4″ kick back and 33″ wide )
My brother -in-law is a custom bike builder/fabricator and he offered to paint the tank and fenders for me
A list of things done & the cost.
Bike. $1000
Paint. $ 300
Shocks. $ 40
Horn. $ 15
Rear tire. $ 120
Seat. $140
Misc $ 100
Total. $1715.00


I hope you have enjoyed reading the story of Eric’s 1990 Harley Davidson. Please like and leave a comment letting us know what you think. Check out the photo gallery to see larger pictures.


Jesse Bassett – 1963 Chevy Stepside

Welcome to another interview by Customs N Classics.

Make sure you go to the bottom to see all of the pictures of this great car!

Disclaimer: Customs N Classics does not charge for any articles. These are free and are derived from emails, chat messages and other forms of communication. The details are from the owner/trustee and are not physically verified. Should there be any issues with this story, please let us know, privately and we will do our best to correct any mistakes.
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14440627_10207348754345389_2098775269507305038_nIn this interview, we meet Jesse Bassett. He owns and is restoring his grandfathers 1963 Chevy Stepside Pickup truck. This truck was about to be sold to some guys doing roadwork nearby, but, he talked to him and he got it instead. Keep reading to hear what he has done and what he is going to do.

So, what type of vehicle is it you have?

It’s a 1963 Chevy c10 shortbed big back glass, step side pickup truck18948702_1452221404835075_1641906620_o
Continue reading

Denton, MD Cruise-In – June 2017

20170609_200344On June 9, 2017, Denton, MD hosted there June Cruise-in. This event happens from 6 to 9 pm and is located in downtown Denton. There is food and music available, not to mention, there is a town of shops you can browse in between looking at the cars.

(Photos of this cruise are at the bottom)

(You can view the video of the Ocean City Cruise here.)

Cruise-in plaqueI took my oldest son, Aaron and my youngest son, Benjamin with me. They were tasked with taking some pictures while I spoke with some of the owners. We got great new contacts and had some great conversations. I have new business cards I have been handing out, thanks to Aaron, who helped me make them.20170609_195010

We got there a little before 7 and walked the length of the street before I started taking pictures. I didn’t count how many were there, but, it took over an hour to get photos of all of them and to have se20170609_194550veral great conversations. These guys were here for some socialization and to just enjoy the evening showing others their car and seeing the other cars..20170609_194708

Most cars and trucks there were pre 1970, however, there was definitely a presence for later models and they all seemed to show well. It was a small crowd of people and I did see some cars leaving before and during my time there, but, for the first cruise of the year, (The May one was canceled due to rain.) I thought it was pretty good.


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Rip Nardi – 2011 Dodge Charger RT/MAX

While heading down to Ocean City, for Ocean City Cruise Week, I ran into a small car show off Route 50, just before Ocean City. The guys from Ocean City Cruisers were there with their cars, so that folks could come in and see what was going on.

Here is Rip’s story in his own words.

DSC00250Let me begin by telling you I have a 2011 Dodge Charger RT/MAX which I bought new in 2011.  It has a 5.7L HEMI with a little over 400 hp.

In 2011 I ended my Harley riding career (20+ years) and sold it plus my truck and went looking for a muscle car.  I’ve never owned a Dodge/Chrysler product (always been a GM guy) but when I test drove a 2011 Charger RT I, couldn’t believe it’s power and comfort.

Some personal items:

I retired form the Federal Government in 2002 and Delaware in 2004.charger 31 may 2017

I became an OC Cruzer again in 2011 (I was also an originating member back in 2002 & 2003) and its a wonderful car club.)

You can see the car club photo here.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Melanoma (form of cancer which attacked my blood, bones and kidneys) in 2014 (which took me out of car showing for a year but I’m back.) It of course was devastating news to me and surprised/scared more than a few of my club mates. The outpouring of help and support I rec’d still brings tears to my when when I think about it. Since my return from the hospital I’ve made more than a few closer friends and their concern for my health is ongoing. Most know what my chemo schedule is and every two weeks they’ll ask me how I’m feeling. Their warmth for my well being is not something I would have expected but I love them all for reaching out to me and looking after me. I can’t imagine any car club being more involved in the health of one of its members more than the OC Cruzers have been towards me. I’ve gone through a stem cell transplant which left me in the hospital for 3 weeks, for the last 3+ years I’ve rec’d chemo treatments and my club members/friends have been concerned and caring the whole time. One of the best decisions I ever made was rejoining the OCCs. I’ll never be able to return their kindness and caring acts; but I’ll try.

charger 10 oct 2016Here is a list of what has been done to his 2011  Dodge Charger RT/MAX

Custom Paint – hood, doors and fenders by Sussex County Customs

Custom painted engine cover by Sussex County Customs

Custom Hood by BMC

Custom Wheels by American Racing

Custom Exhaust by Corsa

Custom Grill and Grill surround (Black Chrome) by MOPAR

Custom Caliper Covers by MPG

LED blue headlight surround by Plasma Glow

Blue Billet pieces by Billet Technology (Engine Compartment)

Cold Air Intake by MOPAR

Strut Tower Brace by Petty’s Garage

T handle shifter by MOPAR

Chrome door sill guards by MOPAR

Polished Stainless Steel interior trim by American Car Craft 

(Stainless Steel pedal covers:  accelerator, brake and parking brake)

Custom Mill Finish Aluminum Door and Hood Props with HEMI cutout by 3G CustomZ

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