Old abandoned cars

Pretty good poetry, love the fact it is geared towards those who love cars. Elegance brought to the rusty edge of a love affair with metal.


Beached Oldsmobile by Darren Hunt @DHunt78  www.artfinder.com/darren-hunt


Old abandoned cars show some neglect:

rust-scabbed paintwork cracks and peels;

crumbling tyres no longer cinema-squeal

but – Detroit-dinosaurs still evoke respect.

Cracked windows reveal dusty seat sheen,

body shapes sing, fenders refuse to gleam

fifties fashionable (lost American dream)

Hollywood hope once portrayed on screens.

Passionate V8 engines grumble-purring,

long leather bench-seats slippery, ample,

black-top and prairie-landscape samples,

hubcaps reflect highway wheels whirring.

Rose-tint reminiscent, American auto past,

restless travel, Kerouac-beat escapades,

milkshakes and hamburgers freshly made:

rearview dollar dreams fade far too fast.

Will passionate mechanics tool-grip plugs

and spark resting engines into ignition?

Will many men go on mechanical mission?

When do driving dreams become a drug?

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