What tools do you carry when you travel

How to Make an Emergency Kit for Your Car__car-tools-qm-fmt-eq-jpeg-amp-wid-eq-350-amp-hei-eq-350-amp-qlt-eq-90,0-amp-resMode-eq-sharp-amp-op_usm-eq-0.9,0.5,0,0,-amp-jpegSize-eq-100-amp-So, since we have started the Spring time fun, the beginning of Car Show season in most areas, it has been a thought for me to see what everyone carries in their car/truck in the way of emergency tools, should something happen on the way to or from a show.

I know that there are several different types out there, who may have several different answers, depending on the car/truck and how it is transported to the show. A lot of folk who enter into the shows are only going short distances, maybe a local show, or a county over and do not see a real need for a lot of tools, but, there are also those of you who travel extensively and have a list of “must-haves”.

So, in an effort to get a good idea of what may be needed, please let me know what you carry, or, wish you carried. Also, how you get to and from these shows, trailer or driven.



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  1. I was going to do a piece on this myself – great minds and all that 🙂
    Anyway, I carry a set of seven imperial open end spanners by Snap-On, a ratcheted screw driver with small sockets both imperial and metric, along with various screw driver heads. A pair of long nosed pliers, a pair of mole grips, sharp lock knife, a magnetic LED torch (spot & strip light). Lug nut wrench and lug nut socket and wheel jack. I figure if anything more than that is needed then I have a big problem anyway. I intend to review my “skeleton” tool kit to see if it needs upgrading or updating.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I actually got the idea, because of another post, from Tobias, of Adventure Bent. His was for those who are doing overland trips, the guys out in the middle of nowhere, so, I thought i could piggyback off his post into this.
    I am hoping to put it together shortly, but, would love to share your review, ebven if it is later, I can always update the post.

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