So, after doing extensive, exhausting research, (I posted the question to several Facebook groups and twitter, you can view it here) I have come up with what seems to be a good list of things to have on your trip.

Let me just say, before I get to this list, that there are a lot of variables that were not addressed when I posted, nor expected to be dealt with at the time. I knew that I wanted general answers, so I could generate some good material for this post, but, there are some things I feel certain are just common sense. (Tire iron, jack, etc.)


Also, this post was brought on because of another author posting a similar list on his blog. Tobias Mann of Adventure Bent wrote a post about what he packed to go on overland adventures. You can read his post here. He spoke about keeping just the essentials, how much fluids he would need and how to maximize storage while keeping the space needed to a minimum.

Now, while this was all good, for those going on adventure trips, into the wilderness, I didn’t think it was a practical guide for you, who drive your rides daily and to shows. You probably don’t take it off-road often, unless your a 4×4 reader, who also likes adventuring and overland riding. (In which case, I ask you to read Tobias blog, as it is very good.)

Another blogger, Mart, from One man and his Mustang, has plans to do an evaluation of his “Skeleton Toolkit” soon, so, watch for that. He does great reviews and has a great blog.

July 10, 2017 edit: Here is Marts Evaluation. Enjoy. “What do I Carry?”

Truck bed tool boxes

Also, this does not differentiate between trailered cars and driven cars, it just assumes that this is a general list of needed items you may need to get somewhere with your car/truck. I assume that, should you have to travel with a classic, you expect that

Check out tool boxes

something may go wrong and you want to be prepared. A trailered vehicle may not see much pavement, but, the truck hauling the trailer does, so, some of these tools may work in that case as well.

So, to list some of the tools that folk says is imperative, essential and completely worth having, read below.

  1. Lug Wrench
  2. Jack
  3. SAE (English, fractional) Socket set, 1/4 & 3/8 drive where mentioned the most, but, 1/2″ drive is also needed for larger fixes. (It was also advised to pack the sizes you use most, while you work on your car/truck, in a bag, then you know you have what you need.)
  4. Metric sockets. (Same rules apply, but, you generally don’t need very many with American classics, however, some aftermarket products may require metric)
  5. Combination wrenches, both SAE and Metric. (Same rules apply as the sockets)
  6. Adjustable wrench. (They come in different sizes, so, maybe a medium and a large would work. Some replace their need for combo wrenches with this)
  7. Hammer (The size is up to you)
  8. Breaker bar (Of course, this is to go with the sockets. 1/2″ drive)
  9. Torque Wrench (For those fixes that require finesse)
  10. Screw Drivers, both flat head and phillips. (I would add that having more than one of each has always been of major use to me. Also, consider the lengths, you may want a stubby, a 6″ and a long one, of each.)
  11. Pliers (Needle nose, side cutters, vise grips are the ones recalled, but, I would add channel locks to this list.)
  12. Tire plugs (Yep, never know when a nail will meet your tire)
  13. 12 v. Air Compressor (Again, if you need a plug, you will need air)
  14. Jumper Cables (Because we have all left that stupid thing on in the car)
  15. Flash Light (Because, hey, when did anything ever break down when there was enough light, or when there was good weather?)
  16. Tape (Duct Tape and electrical tape. I mean, really, we all know you can fix anything with duct tape.)
  17. Misc. items, i.e., tow strap, ratchet straps, bungee cords, rope, etc.

Check out the tools available

So, along with these answers, which are mainstream and part of the vast majority of those who replied, there were some other things they thought necessary. That list is below. You may find it useful, but you should find it entertaining.

  1. AAA Card, or roadside assistance of some type. (This works great if you are traveling close, generally up to 100 miles. I love mine and use it often with our cars)
  2. A friend (To help push)
  3. Credit Card (Well, we know this is just for emergencies, right?)
  4. Spare parts (Hoses, belts, a couple of feet of different gauge wire, clamps, spark plugs) (Keep it simple, or bring a parts car, your choice.)
  5. A Leatherman, or multi-function knife
  6. Plastic wire ties
  7. Metal wire
  8. Tomcat Berretta .32 or a Tauras 9mm. (I guess the choice is your, but, I prefer the 1911 A1 .45 cal.) (This also has to take into account as to wether you want to just hurt your car or really kill it, just saying)

So, as you can imagine, this is a general “tool kit” idea. Each individual is going to feel the need to carry more or less. Some, who have a trailer, have added things like a generator and shop fan, just in case. I mean, hey, with a trailer, it could be fully stocked, so, I chose to not really focus on that.

Basically, the idea is this;

If you are about to travel, check the hoses, belts and wires. Check the fluids and tire pressure. Listen to it, see if it is making any strange noises. Look your lights over, see if they work.

Then, once you have checked her out and shined her up, go have fun. Prepare for minor inconveniences, but, trust that you have done your best and get out there and drive!

I welcome all comments on this list, especially if you have items you want us to share with others.


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What tools do you carry when you travel

How to Make an Emergency Kit for Your Car__car-tools-qm-fmt-eq-jpeg-amp-wid-eq-350-amp-hei-eq-350-amp-qlt-eq-90,0-amp-resMode-eq-sharp-amp-op_usm-eq-0.9,0.5,0,0,-amp-jpegSize-eq-100-amp-So, since we have started the Spring time fun, the beginning of Car Show season in most areas, it has been a thought for me to see what everyone carries in their car/truck in the way of emergency tools, should something happen on the way to or from a show.

I know that there are several different types out there, who may have several different answers, depending on the car/truck and how it is transported to the show. A lot of folk who enter into the shows are only going short distances, maybe a local show, or a county over and do not see a real need for a lot of tools, but, there are also those of you who travel extensively and have a list of “must-haves”.

So, in an effort to get a good idea of what may be needed, please let me know what you carry, or, wish you carried. Also, how you get to and from these shows, trailer or driven.





RestorationAs car guys/gals, we hear this word a lot. We hear about the restoration of a car, or truck. We hear about how an engine or transmission was restored, or we hear about how a stolen vehicle or tool was restored to it’s owner.

A 1929 Austin 12, family ownership since 1950s, real barn find, requiring full resto. £2,000-2,400 at Charterhouse - 6Restoration is something we, in the gear-head society, are very familiar with. Something we can see and feel, something we are familiar with.

So, what if I told you, there is another restoration that you, as a car nut, should want to go through? What if I told you that where you are now, no matter the age or level of societal success, is the old that needs restored? Would you call me a nut? Would you share your story of success and brush me off?

Ok, so, it is true. No matter where you are right now, you are like a rusted out hunk of scrap metal. You are full of rust and wear, your tires are flat, your engine is only running on some cylinders, if at all and your brakes are either locked up, or don’t work.

No matter how well you have done, how nice you, or your world, look right now, it is just a nice paint job over bad body work and sloppy welds. Your living a life that has been fed to you, but missing out on a life that has meaning and purpose, with a great eternal reward.stacks_image_1417

I know, you are probably thinking that I don’t know you, I don’t know your world, family, situation, etc. You are right, i don’t, but, I do know that this world is temporary and nothing you have done here will last forever, but, there is a forever and I know how you can get there, or, be restored here so that you can enter into eternity with hope.

a49bd31b139c909752881218dfd71944Consider this, when a car is built at the factory, it sets off on a destination that will inevitably result in mechanical failure and rust. The paint will chip and fade, the engine will wear down, the transmission will wear out, the tires and brakes will need constant replacing and the metal will begin to rust. The environment with which we put it in is not nice, it will tear it down.

This is how the world is with us. We come out of the womb, only to begin a life that brings pain and death, we wear down, get hurt, get scarred and eventually die. (Yep, no one makes it out alive.)

Also, just like a car, there are issues with us right from the beginning. We are not perfect 45137602-mechanic-changing-brake-pads-on-a-carjust like no car ever manufactured, is perfect. Only, our imperfection is called sin. This sin is why we begin to deteriorate as soon as we take our first breath and why, no one makes it out alive.

Sounds pretty hopeless when it is put like that, right? I mean, at least with a car/truck, we can fix the problem, cut out the rust, weld in a new panel, change the brakes, tune-up the engine, etc. We can restore a car, usually, better than it was originally.

But what about us? What hope do we have?

cross_full_fullThere is one, who can restore us, better than we could ever be. Actually, He alone can restore us. He alone can take away the condemnation we are under as a result of our sin. When he cuts out the rust, he welds in a perfect piece that is better than before, with an absolutely perfect weld. No mistakes, no issues, just perfection.

You see, God has made a way for us to enter into His Heaven, even though we are full of sin. He did this through the work that was done with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Yes, this is how we are made whole, fully restored, better than original.

If God restored us to original, we would still have all of the original issues, i.e., sin. We would still be broken and God would not have done what was needed. No, He has made us a new creation! He has replaced sin with Holiness and began to work on all of the issues that make us broken.salvation

However, we need to understand that this only happens if we surrender our lives to Christ. Repent from our sinful ways, accepting that Jesus is our Lord and Savior. That the work has been done on the cross and that there is nothing we can do ourselves. We have to trust in Him alone, not the world, not our friends and not ourselves, but in Christ alone.

A car that is running rough and full of rust can not, in any way, fix itself. It is a complete impossibility. Even if we created a car that could detect something wrong and correct itself via its on-board computer, it would not be able to replace a physical part. It would be hard to even imagine that it could happen, but, we think we can fix ourselves.

We go to counselors, buy self-help books and watch webinars to be better, to learn how to correct behavior and to become stronger. These are ways we try to self-fix us.

God wants us to stop trying to “fix” ourselves and to trust in His power. He will begin to work in you. There is nothing you can, or need to do, to earn salvation. Rather, you need only to repent, (Turn away from your sin) and confess it to Him, ask for His forgiveness and allow Him to be your Lord. (Allow Him to be in control) If you confess with your tongue and believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is your savior and Lord, that the work He did on the cross is sufficient for your sins, that He is also sufficient for your salvation, then you will be saved.

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