It’s A Car Show! Relax!

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Cruise-In’s and Car Shows

Well, yes, it is that time of the year again, here in the North East and, quite frankly, probably everywhere else, too.

That time of year when the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, the indoor activities get put on hold and the outdoor activities become a priority.

For me, this time of year brings several offers of joy. Multiple arenas to find some enjoyment. There is camping, fishing, gardening and one of my all time favorites!

1957 Chevrolet Bel-Aire-3That’s right, Cruise-In’s and Car Shows! The best way to see and hear classic and custom Hot Rods, Street Rods, Rat Rods, Motorcycles, Antiques, trucks, Dragsters and so on and so forth! More metal that the scrap heap, arranged in such a way that your eyes just can’t take in all of the excitement and details!

My wife has found that this is a place I truly enjoy and has even gone with me to the Ocean City Cruise-In for the last few years, on our anniversary. (I know, she’s a keeper!) We go down for the evening, meet up with some friends who take their truck down, then go out for

1962 F-100 Unibody

My friends truck, 1962 Ford

dinner. We sit there, watch the cars go by and enjoy. Sometimes, we even get to see other people we know, as we live only an hour and a half away.


I try to hit up several car shows throughout the year, since this area seems to have at least one each weekend, within an hour or so of where I live. I don’t get to go to all of them, but, I do go to several, which is usually enough for me. (Of course, I can’t wait for the season to start again and I feel like I haven’t been to enough shows, halfway through the winter.)

Understand, our winter, the end of the shows, can sometimes creep into December, though, I have seen it go even farther, but, not often. I know there are several indoor IMG_20141019_150144shows throughout the country, but, the exciting ones are outside, in my eyes. That is where folks allow their engines to roar and the smell of gas and burnt rubber permeate the air. Not sure how much better than that it could be, unless you’re ate a drag racing track.

Most of you reading this are probably excited for the season to start, as well. Maybe you have a ride you can’t wait to take to a show or three, or, maybe you want to take your family and show them what a real car looks like. Either way, you probably just want to get out, in the warmth, feel the sun on your face and enjoy these mechanical wonders. Can’t wait to hear your stories and see your pictures. Enjoy the show, enjoy the time. Make it a family event, invite your friends, have a lot ofIMG_20141019_145039 fun!

Remember, most of these guys/gals who are showing their stuff off, have put a lot of time and money into their rides, show them appreciation and courtesy, try not to point out defects or how something may not be consistent with the time period, instead, show them and tell them how much you enjoy seeing what their hard work has accomplished.

Sometimes, cars may come out, to the shows, unfinished. These are the guys who just couldn’t wait to drive it, to feel the power they are creating and figure that you will enjoy seeing the work, in progress. This same car may make it back, next year, finished and ready for awards, but, you got a sneak peak at it during the process. What a thrill!

Also, let us know about your experiences and your travels to these shows. We would love to do a series of articles on how you got to the show, what you did while you were there and what you saw, so, contact us with your story, we’ll have fun writing it.

Alan Thompson – 32 Ford “Graffiti” Coupe

Today, we are going to talk with Alan Thompson about his Ford “Graffiti” Coupe. 16930902_10154162261152455_2015834075_o

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So, can you tell me a little about who you are?


Paul Le Mat and Alan Thompson. Paul loved the Coupe!

I’ve been in the Auto Body Business since I was 14 working part time sweeping up and stuff then it just stuck.

I have been doing this for almost 40 years now, moving up the ranks, learning as I go.

Now, I own a Wheel Repair Shop Fixing Damaged Rims for a few Rental car Companies in Canada, which keeps me pretty busy.

So, why did you choose this car?

16930954_10154162261082455_1610241713_o.jpgThe movie, “American Graffiti”, came out when I was 10. I always said I would love to build a car like that, so when I was 30, I came upon an original 1932 Ford 5 window coupe.

See Paul Le Mat’s website, here.

Check out a couple of small video clips of Alan’s car.

1932 Ford Interior

1932 Ford Running

I intended to build it into a Rod, but one thing led to another and I sold it to an older guy that wanted to keep it original. The car needed way too much work to Rod, so I sold it and started from Scratch.

What did you do to it?mildred

My Graffiti Coupe was built from scratch, from two frame rails leaning against the garage walls.

I turned every nut and bolt on the car.16880686_10154162261147455_1467912023_o

Here is a breakdown of my Coupe. The drive line is a 350 Chevy,67 Hi-Po 202 Heads, 30 Over with 11.0:1 compression. It has a hydraulic cam and Weber Induction 48 IDF Carbs.

Dress ups include Moon Finned Valve Covers, Moon Water pump and Sanderson Limefire headers.

Power is transmitted through a Centerforce clutch to a Borg Warner super T10 4 speed tranny ,9-inch Ford rear-end loaded with 3:73 Gears.

The chassis is a Horton chassis, set up by Autoweld, (Thanks guys!), with a traditional dropped axle front end, Pete& Jakes hair pins, So-Cal Buick finned drums, flaming river steering box and column.

The wheels and tires are Chrome Reverse rims wrapped with BF Goodrich Silvertown Wide Whites.

Body is a RamRod Body with Stainless Drip rails , 3 inch Chop, Baby Deuce Headlights, 48 Chevy Tail lights and a Moon Tank on the Front.

Paint. ICI Canary Yellow Base coat with the clear coat, sprayed by me.

Pin Striping by Rollie Guertin .

Interior. Stock Glide Seat finished in white and yellow, Tuck & Roll, 32 Ford Dash with classic Stewart Warner gauges , 40 Deluxe Steering Wheel and an Alpine Stereo System.

How long have you been driving and showing this car?

It’s been on the road since 2003.


I’ve had it in many shows in Toronto,

Canada, where it’s won A lot of Awards, too many to count. It’s a real Fun car to drive for me and my Wife, thank God I have had her support since day one.


Do you have any idea of about how much you have into this car?


The total cost I have in the Car is About $110.000.00 Talk about Crazy.




Also, if you could throw my good buddy’s name in there who helped me build the car. Without his help, it would of taken a lot longer.  He’s one of those old Hot Rodder guys that knows everything. His name is Jim Turner