Some more shipping tips

Thought this could be a good article for those who may be shipping their classic car for an event or to sell/buy.

ASAP Transport Solutions

You’ve bought your car out of state and you’re ready to get it in your driveway, now what?

You need to ship it! Here are some tips for finding a transport company

  1. Do your research. Everything is online nowadays but don’t forget to talk to your friends about their experiences if they’ve shipped a car. Referrals are huge in this business and you can ask more questions with a person than you can online.
  2. Do more research. Check out those companies you’re considering on the Better Business Bureau. Call them up, email them, find them on social media and ask questions.
  3. Big vs Small. Larger transport companies take longer delivery times and often can’t ship to your door. Smaller transport companies have shorter delivery times and CAN ship directly to your door.
  4. Insurance! This is a big one, no one wants to use an uninsured driver to ship their precious…

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