2016, A Year in review, What did we do?

So, what did Customs -N- Classics do this year?

What, if anything, did we accomplish?

I’m glad you asked!

We started with a dream, well, actually, I started with a dream, to do written interviews with car owners, those who don’t make it to the magazines or car TV shows, but, who are the heart and soul of our small town, community car shows. Those who have spent their hard earned money and their precious time in restoring or rebuilding a car, just so others can see it. That was the start of my dream, my desire to write about and take pictures of the vehicles we all love to see and know about.

I have to stop here, because, there is a lot of little things going on in the background that you may never know about, unless you meet me at a show. I have a lot of support from some amazing people.

My wife, Mary Lou, has been great. I think she sees that this is bringing my son and I together, so she feigns interest and that is encouraging to me. I tell her what is happening and she tells me how good it is.

Where would I be without my church family. Shore Christian Fellowship, in Queenstown, MD. The Pastor, Pastor Tom Chandler and the elders have allowed me to twist their ears off with this and they smile and listen. It has been great.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled end of year post.logo

Of course, I launched with an article on Wes Malek’s Jeep. Still unfinished, as Wes just graduated college and is looking at his future and what options there are. I look forward to seeing it finished in the future, but, I am not seeing it as a 2017 article. We will be watching for you to finish, though, Wes. (Go ahead and click the link above, we’ll wait for you to read the article. We won’t go anywhere, we are patient like that.)14111655_1807494912815687_2037460678_n

Now, as with any good dream, it is always fun to add more people to your path, whether they are along for the ride, or are a part of your destination. I did just that. I added my oldest son, Aaron, to the mix. It became a father/son team and we ran with it. (Of course, my 3 boys are usually with me at the car shows, but, they just want to look at the cars and play, my teenager, however, has gotten to like taking pictures and videos, so this became an outlet we could both draw closer together with.) Aaron helped with the first 5  video interviews, which have replaced my poor attempt at just taking pictures and trying to remember everything about each car. Our first 5 videos are up, on YouTube, for you to check out. (Make sure you subscribe, as we will be having more videos throughout 2017)

After Aaron and I took to the car shows, gathered photos and video footage, I began to edit and post. Didn’t see much happening, then, I realized that there was another person who might work into this plan I had. One of the older teens at my church was into stop motion videos and creating videos for YouTube, so, I asked him if he would come along and help us, maybe get Aaron up to a point where he could take over, since this teen would probably be going to college and would not be able to do it anymore.

Jacob agreed and is now the production manager at Customs N Classics. He took the last 2 videos that Aaron and I shot and made them very nice. (Video 1, Video 2) He also did the video and voice over for a video we did for an Artist, David Chesnutt, a cartoon artist out of Sterling Heights, Michigan.

Now, during this time, I didn’t just sit here and do nothing, I created a Twitter account that has grown quite large and a Facebook page that is also growing quite large. I am working on Instagram and Pinterest.

We also have begun to partner with Racers for Christ, a Christian ministry that serves NASCAR and NHRA as well as smaller tracks and events, and an offshoot ministry, Rodders for Christ, which serves the car shows and ride in’s.

We have posted many times a link to a ministry that we feel very strongly about, GoServ Global. They do real ministry, build housing, teach farming techniques, genuinely help those in areas that are to poor to do for themselves. Haiti is the area we learned about them because of a team from our church, (Of which, my son Aaron, was a part.) This ministry could use all of the help they can get, so check them out and invest.


Tobias Mann

One of the biggest events for Customs N Classics has been adding a guest author to the blog. Tobias Mann, Author of Adventure Bent blog, came along and wrote a great piece on the Jeep Wrangler. I would highly suggest you go over and check out his blog, he has some great outdoor adventure articles and wonderful insight. I am so glad he chose to write for us.

To end this wonderful year, I am hoping to see my Twitter account reach 1000 and the Facebook page to go over 200. These are small milestones, but, we just went live August 22, 2016. A little over 4 months and we have a following worth more than you can imagine and a site worth writing for.

What will I do next year?

Wow, such good questions, you have. Well, let’s just say, I want to go big!

I want 2017 to be the year that my son and I share the Gospel with people. That this platform God is giving us will be used to minister to people, which means that we will pray for people and share hope. (The Gospel)

I want to see more Christian car owners share their testimonies with us, on video. So that the car community can see that being a car nut and being a Christian are NOT exclusive to each other, but, can actually be a great place to be.

I am hoping we can cover more artists and possibly some of the custom shops in the area. Maybe get them to share their stories of how they started and show some of their favorite builds.

One of the biggest written interviews will hopefully be coming from across the great pond, (The Atlantic Ocean). One Man and a Mustang. I look forward to working with him on that.

I’m thinking that I have shared enough. It is still 2016, until 12:01 am, so, I hope your safe and with family and friends.

So, let me just say, goodbye 2016, you’ve been a good year, I expect you will be a good memory. I appreciate what time you’ve offered up for me to use.

Hello, 2017, I look forward to stepping into the time you have available and exploring it. I expect great things from you, because, to expect anything less would be a travesty of the time God will be giving me.

To you, my beloved readers, I hope and pray that you know God’s love and peace in 2017.

Until next year!




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  1. Hey Dennis, thanks for the shout out for little ‘ol blog. I have done an initial draft and mailed it to you. I have a just a few pctures (4000 or so) I can send to you. We will catch up to see just what you need or anything else. I suspect your idea could “go big” for you, so it’s fingers crossed from this side of the pond. Looking forward to another good year from you and your sons. 👍

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