The day after Christmas

So, as we are sitting here, having slept in really late, I notice that the boys are happy. Not because they got the latest gadgets,but because we are all together and they are safe. They have food, shelter and parents that love them. All the stuff is just an added bonus.

The boys let us sleep in and they came down and watched a movie they got yesterday. What an awesome thing for them to do, it has allowed us to get some much needed rest,but now it’s time to start on plans for the New Year.

So, I didn’t get any car stuff or my truck bac, for Christmas, but we had a great time. I did get this new Kindle Fire, which I am writing this blog. I also saw my kids give up the commercialism of this holiday to go Worship the King of Kings. They were willing to wait to open their gifts until we came home from church and had breakfast. It was truly a Christmas miracle.

Customs N Classics did get a video out for Christmas eve and I am starting to plan what we can do for next year. Hopefully this blog will grow like crazy!

I did have an adventure with the boys on Friday,we went Christmas shopping. That was fun. 3 boys who have no money and want to buy their mom the world. It was fun seeing the things they wanted to get her, though.

So, for now, you should go through the old posts, re-read them, click the links and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Also, check out my Facebook page.

Hope you all had a great Christmas.

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