Ridgely, MD Car Show – 2016

Well, once again, the Ridgely car show has come and went, however, as before, it did not disappoint. I spoke with one gentleman who told me that they stopped registering cars at 850. Not sure how accurate that number was, but, I can tell you, I was not able to see every car within the 2 1/2 hours I was there.

I saw a lot of the cars I have seen previously, in the last couple shows I have been at, but the sheer amount of metal that showed up here could give some of the better known shows a run for their money, I fell. There was a live band, celebrities, (Which I did not get there in time to see who, or meet any) and food.The event has been well planned out and it seems to just grow. Not sure how Ridgely will be able to hold more cars next year, but, I bet they are up for the challenge.

Also, for this show, I got my son, Aaron (Who is 14), to help me do video interviews. I will begin posting these on Youtube, just as soon as I figure out how to create a channel specific to Customs N Classics. (I have a channel under my name, but, I haven’t figured out how to create one for this page yet.) He will be helping me as the camera man and we will be editing together. Keep watching for those videos to come up, also one on the show itself. (Remember, we are not professionals and have never done this before, so, don’t get your expectations too high!)

I found some level of success with the video interviews. It seems easier to just have a camera rolling and let the owner talk about his/her car. There were a couple of people who said no to the video interview, but, would be ok with an off air, photo style interview. So, no doors were shut in my face, just gave me different directions in.

I am hoping that some of my followers on social media will see this and get excited. (Cough, Cough….. uhm, parts supply folk, who want to donate something to give away in a contest, etc.) I think that would allow for a lot of guys/girls to really get into this.

So, stay tuned, more is coming. Give me feedback, or it just stays cheesy!


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