Greensboro Car Show

On Saturday, October 1, 2016, I received a text from a friend about a car show that was going on about 6 blocks away from my house. I had no idea it was happening, so, needless to say, I was shocked and in a hurry to get over there to show my support and talk to more people. (I published a blog post on Saturday, to allow anyone in the area to know about it.)

It wasn’t a very good day for a car show, drizzle, (Leading to sprinkles, at times), and just overcast in general. So, as you can guess, not too many cars showed up.

Of course, the gentleman from Ridgely, MD, who owns the blue Ford and “Tow-Mater”, was there. He is also a DJ, which I did not know, but, now I do.

My friend, Josh, had his Daytona there, which is how I found out. He has done some work to it, which will be featured as a story soon.

All in all, there were 9 cars and 1 motorcycle. (I was unable to talk with the guy who owned the bike, hopefully next time, though.)

Here are the pictures of the cars. I hope you enjoy them, they braved the weather and showed up, which, in my mind, makes them all winners.

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