Video Interviews

Ok, so, since I don’t know shorthand and I cannot write as fast as people can talk and I can’t remember everything they say to me, I decided to do on site video interviews, that I can edit later and upload. This introduced a chance for me to do something with my oldest son, Aaron, who is 14.

So, subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can see these on the spot interviews. I will also try to do a written article on each one, as I go, so you can read about it, possibly getting more details, etc.

Customs N Classics YouTube Channel

Make sure you subscribe and tell others about it as well. Hopefully, I will get several more videos up soon.

The first video is of a 1990 S10 from the Ridgely, MD Car Show – 2016.



Logo 2

Here is another version.  Thought it may work better for most social media. 

let me know what you think. I need some good feedback. This version is based on feedback from the last logo post.

Ridgely, MD Car Show – 2016

Well, once again, the Ridgely car show has come and went, however, as before, it did not disappoint. I spoke with one gentleman who told me that they stopped registering cars at 850. Not sure how accurate that number was, but, I can tell you, I was not able to see every car within the 2 1/2 hours I was there.

I saw a lot of the cars I have seen previously, in the last couple shows I have been at, but the sheer amount of metal that showed up here could give some of the better known shows a run for their money, I fell. There was a live band, celebrities, (Which I did not get there in time to see who, or meet any) and food.The event has been well planned out and it seems to just grow. Not sure how Ridgely will be able to hold more cars next year, but, I bet they are up for the challenge.

Also, for this show, I got my son, Aaron (Who is 14), to help me do video interviews. I will begin posting these on Youtube, just as soon as I figure out how to create a channel specific to Customs N Classics. (I have a channel under my name, but, I haven’t figured out how to create one for this page yet.) He will be helping me as the camera man and we will be editing together. Keep watching for those videos to come up, also one on the show itself. (Remember, we are not professionals and have never done this before, so, don’t get your expectations too high!)

I found some level of success with the video interviews. It seems easier to just have a camera rolling and let the owner talk about his/her car. There were a couple of people who said no to the video interview, but, would be ok with an off air, photo style interview. So, no doors were shut in my face, just gave me different directions in.

I am hoping that some of my followers on social media will see this and get excited. (Cough, Cough….. uhm, parts supply folk, who want to donate something to give away in a contest, etc.) I think that would allow for a lot of guys/girls to really get into this.

So, stay tuned, more is coming. Give me feedback, or it just stays cheesy!




Original concept to start with


First try at lettering

OK! I know, I am not great at art or lettering. However, I have given it a try!




What do you think? I need help deciding if I should use either of the 2 I lettered, or, do you think I should try something else?


Other lettering idea

That time of the year

Ok, so, fall is coming to the majority pf the United States, with cooler weather, colored leaves, pumpkin spice, (I mean, who can get away from it?) and the end of the year for car shows. (I know, there are some places that are still warm and have shows all year long, but, really, you guys are the minority.)

Car shows usually signal Spring and good weather for most car folk. Things like the first show of the year, the endless swap meets and the weekly meets that happen in towns across the USA, usually follow with a large following by any who tinker with their car.

However, here we are, getting ready to winterize our rides and plan next years schedule.

Does your club go, in groups, to as many shows as you can possibly stack in a season, or, does it host 1 show, with several meetings and you are on your own for showing off your ride?

I am hoping that for next year, I can get a schedule of events from around the country. What shows are happening when and where. So, if you have the ability to get that information in your area, shoot me a comment or a message, via twitter, @Customsnclassic, or go to my Facebook page and like it, then message me, Customs N Classics, or just email me at

I would love to get a list of shows for next year and even a list of shows for the rest of this year.

Also, still looking for anyone who would like to let me do a story on their car/truck or bike.

Greensboro Car Show

On Saturday, October 1, 2016, I received a text from a friend about a car show that was going on about 6 blocks away from my house. I had no idea it was happening, so, needless to say, I was shocked and in a hurry to get over there to show my support and talk to more people. (I published a blog post on Saturday, to allow anyone in the area to know about it.)

It wasn’t a very good day for a car show, drizzle, (Leading to sprinkles, at times), and just overcast in general. So, as you can guess, not too many cars showed up.

Of course, the gentleman from Ridgely, MD, who owns the blue Ford and “Tow-Mater”, was there. He is also a DJ, which I did not know, but, now I do.

My friend, Josh, had his Daytona there, which is how I found out. He has done some work to it, which will be featured as a story soon.

All in all, there were 9 cars and 1 motorcycle. (I was unable to talk with the guy who owned the bike, hopefully next time, though.)

Here are the pictures of the cars. I hope you enjoy them, they braved the weather and showed up, which, in my mind, makes them all winners.