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My whole life, mostly, has revolved around making, creating or fixing things. I have,  (until about a year ago) always worked with my hands and with tools. (Now I work on a computer, designing what I used to build. )

All that to say that I am always enameled by hand tools.  (Well, truth be known,  any tools.) Even tools that I have know idea how to use, I want to add to my collection.

When I first started out in the workforce, as a mechanic at Midas Muffler, (Ok, you can stop snickering now!), I started to gather high quality tools to replace my cheap, “Made in China” stuff. I had an account with the Snap-on, Mac and Match guys. They helped me get a nice used bottom box and a lot of good quality tools. Of course, I always seemed to have no money at the end of the week, but boy, did I have some nice tools.

When I went in the Army, as a mechanic, I packed up my tools and put them away. (A “friend” of the family decided he needed them more than me). They told me I wouldn’t need mine, they would provide me with everything I could ever need. They were right!  My took box was taller than I was and I still don’t know what was in the top.

Fast forward almost 30 years and I have truly amassed a large amount of carpentry tools as well as quite a few mechanics tools.

I filled my first box ever with a lot of expensive tools that truly were worth it, mostly because of the fact that they were replaced for free if I broke it. The box itself was from Mac, so even it was expensive.  Now, I am pretty stocked to build a garage,  but, I may have to start working on the tools I may need if I want to have a project in the garage.

What are some of you favorite tools?

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  1. I run craftsman. I started at Sears auto and uses that discount! But the majority of my impact is harbor freight. I just can’t justify the step up. My fav though is my microtorque. When I finally broke down and bought it my comebacks completely stopped. I used to feel gaskets, but in large volumes that causes issues.

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