Bullocks Car Show

Well, today was a great day for a car show. It was comfortable, as far as heat went and the sun stayed out, so no rain. What a time. I took my two oldest boys, Aaron and Zachary, so they could see some history. (My oldest likes old cars, but my middle actually likes planes, but, he goes because he is with me.)

My oldest, Aaron, decided to spend his hard earned, (Yea, right), quarters on the cake game. He ended up winning 2 cakes, then got banned from playing again. (Those cakes are going to church tomorrow.)

Of course, my highlight was getting to talk with and share this blog with several car owners. The reactions were great, everyone seemed to take an interest, with some trying to tell me everything right there. Unfortunately, I just wasn’t ready to get any info, as I really thought no one would take the time, but, I was wrong and will be prepared next time.

So, here is a high lite of some of the cars there. Enjoy.

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