Hand Tools 

My whole life, mostly, has revolved around making, creating or fixing things. I have,  (until about a year ago) always worked with my hands and with tools. (Now I work on a computer, designing what I used to build. )

All that to say that I am always enameled by hand tools.  (Well, truth be known,  any tools.) Even tools that I have know idea how to use, I want to add to my collection.

When I first started out in the workforce, as a mechanic at Midas Muffler, (Ok, you can stop snickering now!), I started to gather high quality tools to replace my cheap, “Made in China” stuff. I had an account with the Snap-on, Mac and Match guys. They helped me get a nice used bottom box and a lot of good quality tools. Of course, I always seemed to have no money at the end of the week, but boy, did I have some nice tools.

When I went in the Army, as a mechanic, I packed up my tools and put them away. (A “friend” of the family decided he needed them more than me). They told me I wouldn’t need mine, they would provide me with everything I could ever need. They were right!  My took box was taller than I was and I still don’t know what was in the top.

Fast forward almost 30 years and I have truly amassed a large amount of carpentry tools as well as quite a few mechanics tools.

I filled my first box ever with a lot of expensive tools that truly were worth it, mostly because of the fact that they were replaced for free if I broke it. The box itself was from Mac, so even it was expensive.  Now, I am pretty stocked to build a garage,  but, I may have to start working on the tools I may need if I want to have a project in the garage.

What are some of you favorite tools?


Bullocks Car Show

Well, today was a great day for a car show. It was comfortable, as far as heat went and the sun stayed out, so no rain. What a time. I took my two oldest boys, Aaron and Zachary, so they could see some history. (My oldest likes old cars, but my middle actually likes planes, but, he goes because he is with me.)

My oldest, Aaron, decided to spend his hard earned, (Yea, right), quarters on the cake game. He ended up winning 2 cakes, then got banned from playing again. (Those cakes are going to church tomorrow.)

Of course, my highlight was getting to talk with and share this blog with several car owners. The reactions were great, everyone seemed to take an interest, with some trying to tell me everything right there. Unfortunately, I just wasn’t ready to get any info, as I really thought no one would take the time, but, I was wrong and will be prepared next time.

So, here is a high lite of some of the cars there. Enjoy.

Today’s Car Show

Today, there is a car show in Denton, MD, where the reason it is happening is sad, but, the way they go about pulling it off makes you feel good.

Bullocks is a staple in Denton, MD, so, when the family went through the trying time of dealing with

Leukemia, they pulled together and weathered the storm. Their story did not have the happy ending everyone would hope for in their situation, but, they have used their situation to help others who have to face this disease.


Bullocks Car Show, to raise awareness for Leukemia

The car show is just one part of this event, but, it is one of the best parts, in my opinion. So, come out and show your support for this family and the many others that will benefit from the proceeds.

Hope to see you there!

Your favorite?

So, sitting here, waiting for the HVAC company to install our new unit, having only been without A/C for over a week, I pondered my favorite car.

I am actually torn. My altimeter favorite is a 1965 Chevy Step Side, preferably a 4×4, but I would still love a 2 wheel drive. That said, I am in love with Camaro’s, because I used to have one, but, what gets me giddy is a 1970 GTO Judge. 

I really do love and appreciate all cars/trucks.  I can see the beauty in them all and I can appreciate the engineering that went into it.

So, what are your favorites and why? 


The 1987 Jeep Wrangler 4X4

For Jeep, 1987 was one of their biggest historical years. Chrysler purchased the Jeep® brand from American Motor Company and the Wrangler made its world famous debut. The 1987 Jeep Wrangler 4X4 had more in common with the Cherokee, than its image bearing cousin, the CJ. It was designed to be a friendlier version, if you will, of the Jeep, with a longer footprint and less ground clearance.

However, it didn’t take long for the critics of this new version of Jeep to come to grips with it and even begin to love it, as it was still the rugged 4×4 they loved and knew.  Since then, a massive aftermarket community has exploded, offering many options for the YJ units out there.

(Credit to blog.jeep.com for the quick history lesson on this particular year and style.)

This is the story of a father/son purchase and an Uncle/Nephew project build.

After returning home from college, Jeff wanted to find a hard top Jeep. His dad knew a dealer who had some and helped him with the purchase. He purchased his 1987 Jeep Wrangler with AMC 258 ci 4.2 inline 6 (first year of YJ), September/October of 1987, brand new. The dealer had 2 units left, a tan one with A/C and a black one without A/C. He decided he did not want a tan one, so, even without A/C, he chose the black one.

A few months after the purchase, his dad got him a soft top to use, which he did, a couple of times, but found it too hard to keep switching out. So he boxed it up and stored it. (He has it to this day, still in the box.)

When Jeff went to the Midwest for a boat show, he left the Jeep at home. His dad would call to let him know how well his Jeep was doing in the snow.

Jeff used the Jeep as a daily driver for years, even with his new family. His wife, Maggie Miller (Owner of Family Finds Fun, Blog & Facebook Page) and her son Wes Malik. (Co-Author of Kat Haas Outdoors)

He parked it around 220,000 miles, still running. Of course, after many years of not being run often and just being parked, age crept in and took hold. (Of the Jeep, not Jeff!) Whenever they had a yard project, they would have to push it around the yard to move it.

Jeff thought about selling it, but, it means too much to him and reminds him of times with his dad. Instead, after hearing his daughter ask him when they could go for a ride in the Jeep, he chose to share it with his step-son, Wes Malik, and his brother in law, George Woelfel, who has been a mechanic and an auto body technician for 30 years.

So now, as his son is in college, it seems a family tradition of having a Jeep during your school years is being passed from father to son.

A little about Wes in his own words.

“I’m a 20-year14111613_1807494952815683_74180899_n-old senior at Frostburg State University. My love of cars is only rivaled by my passion for bow hunting. The Jeep sat in the yard for several years and didn’t run (the motor was completely seized up and it needed body and frame work). My uncle is a body technician and has rebuilt tons of cars, jags, Camaro’s, mustangs, other jeeps, etc. I always wanted to learn about cars so he taught me as I helped fix it. “14101918_1807494946149017_200985319_n

The more they worked on the Jeep, the more they found wrong, rusted or missing/broken.

A little about the condition of the Jeep prior to the start of the rebuild.

The Jeep had sat for several years. The frame was rotten near the rear and needed to be patched, the motor w14101784_1807494956149016_1240126956_nas seized up and pretty much all of the fluid lines needed fixed or replaced. It was parked with a half a tank of gas, so the tank had to be pulled and drained. The whole front end was rusted, u-joints and the whole brake system needed to be replaced. The body had to be pulled off to do the frame work.

Wes shared a funny s14138572_1807494939482351_1117609734_ntory about how the body had to come off the frame, but, I think the pictures do it a bit more justice.

Apparently, all they had was a John Deer tractor with a bucket, so, like any good back yard mechanic, they used it as a lift for the body. I think th14111912_1807494909482354_1949938002_ney did pretty good.


So, with the body off, the frame under repair, the engine and transmission removed, they put 5” of lift, (body lift and shackles). Also, new bumpers with a push bar in the front and a hitch in the back.14111655_1807494912815687_2037460678_n


While trying to take the windshield out of the old frame in one piece, Wes cracked it (the first windshield he’d ever done)… So they had to bolt on the new frame with no glass. Now, a tarp is in place of the windshield until they can get one put in.

The lift kit they used is a Rough Country lift kit.  The new tread that will be holding it all up will be 265/75r15 in size.


As of right now, the frame has been restored and the body has been put back on. It is sitting at the garage, E & B Automotive, in Stevensville, MD, awaiting it’s new powerhouse to be put in.

What’s going to power this monster? Why, another AMC 258 ci inline 6.

The only thing Wes says is left to do is to drop the new motor in an14163971_1810244709207374_1951394515_o14151786_1810244715874040_1992825139_od hook everything up.

14159915_1810244749207370_520543890_nI can’t wait to see the finished product, the beauty that was created between family members.

Thank you Wes Malik and Jeff Miller for sharing your journey and your story with us. (Now, hurry up and finish it so we can show it off!